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The origin of the Water Diet is unknown, but it has been around for at least ten years. This plan is based on consuming eight extra glasses of water, preferably cold, daily. An unusual feature of this diet plan is that it does not limit calorie intake. People who follow the water diet can eat as much as they want, whenever they want. This plan is supposed to work by making you feel fuller and flushing out more waste from your body. Followers of the water diet usually drink a glass of water before each meal, filling up their stomachs so they will not eat as much. The extra water also is supposed to flush out more waste and toxic materials from the body.

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There are few guidelines for the Water Diet, and the rules that do exist are easy to follow. First, if you want to follow the water diet, you should consume 64 ounces or one half gallon of water throughout each day. Secondly, the water should be at least 50 degrees Fahrenheit or colder. Drinking cold water supposedly burns more calories than room temperature water.

While a few people claim to have lost a significant amount of weight just by using the Water Diet, the results are doubtful. If you follow the water diet, you may lose a few pounds over a long period of time. But in order to really see a difference, you will probably have to combine the water diet with a calorie-reduction program and daily exercise.

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  • One advantage of the Water Diet is that it is free; no purchases are necessary.
  • Also, this diet plan is easy to follow, since almost everyone has access to water at all times. Anyone who wants to can do the water diet with no painful side effects.


  • A disadvantage of this diet plan is that it does not mention any eating guidelines. In order to lose a significant amount of weight, you should reduce your calorie intake as well as consuming the proper amount of water.
  • Also, while drinking water is certainly healthy for you, the water diet does not recommend any healthy foods. In order to keep your body at its best, you should have a balanced diet.
  • Another negative of this diet plan is that it does not emphasize exercise. Studies have shown that regular exercise is necessary for good health and for healthy weight loss.


The Water Diet is fairly popular because it is easy to do and comfortable. There are no hunger pains or muscle fatigue with this diet plan. However, this diet plan will probably not give you the results you want. In order to have the healthiest body possible and lose weight, you should eat less and exercise more while drinking the proper amount of water.

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    shaunna alexander

    I would information on the water diet and how does it work.. thanks


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    I was just wondering, if you reduced the amount of food intake, while eating healthier foods, and excersing daily, will the water diet give you a more substantial result in loosing weight?