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Perhaps you have seen a pregnant lady all through her pregnancy and you notice how she continues to swell even when her belly may not be growing. Many times this is due to water weight. Those of us who are not pregnant can have the same trouble. If you have trouble holding fluids and you just cannot lose the weight, then perhaps The Waterfall Diet would be right for you.

The Waterfall Diet was written by Linda Lazarides, who is a naturopathic nutritionist. The basis of the Waterfall Diet is to get rid of excess water by changing your diet. Linda says that that the two main types of water retention are that which deals with consuming too much salt or kidney and heart problems. The second type of water retention problem is has to do with the foods you eat, and the retention is actually in the tissues. The Waterfall Diet claims an individual can lose 14 pounds in 7 days. The diet change is similar to that of a low-carb diet. The waterfall diet replaces red meats, wheat, dairy products, sugars, eggs, and coffee with vegetables, beans, soy, grains, and fish. On the Waterfall diet, you would also take a vitamin.

The Waterfall diet suggests not only that water retention is a cause of many over weight individual’s problems but also that of people with PMS, swollen legs, and high blood pressure.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients one should ingest in this diet are vegetables, beans, soy, grains, fish, and a vitamin.

Product Features

You can purchase the Waterfall diet book for $15.95. Linda charges $80 for private consultation, and her e-guide is $12.00.

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  • It may help individuals with other fluid retention problems.
  • Helps individuals figure out what foods are safe for them and which are not.
  • The website showed a before and after picture.


  • It makes use of soy, which has been known to be dangerous for some individuals.
  • It is not a balanced diet.
  • It may be difficult to stick with long-term.
  • Some people may find the diet changes to be too strict.
  • The weight loss seems to fast.
  • Exercise did not seem to be a focus.


The general idea behind The Waterfall Diet is good, because many people hold fluids. If a person is holding fluids and the diet helps to lose them, this is good. The diet makes you lose water, but for many, water is not the only problem. Though it does make individuals change there way of eating, the whole purpose behind it is for fluid retention. If a person is convinced this is their only problem, and they continue on a fluid retention diet, it does not seem healthy, and they will stop seeing results. Linda does say that the diet can be a test to see if you are retaining fluids. Supposedly, the results of the diet are obvious as individuals with a water retention problem lose large amounts of fluid. The foods the dieters would be giving up would be natural weight loss helps, so it also makes one wonder if it is the change in diet that causes the weight loss as much as the loss of fluids.

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12 User Reviews about The Waterfall Diet

  • 1

    hi im from the philippines i want to purchase your book unfortunately you wouldnt ship over here in our country, hows that?


  • 2
    Chris Thomas

    Hi I’ve been following the waterfall diet for 4 weeks now, the change in my eating habits have been dramatic……however, I haven’t lost any weight…..not even a pound…as you can imagine this is very disheartening. do you have any suggestions as to why this might be?

    many thanks

    Chris Thomas


    Your Name

    have you tested for food allergy? and know leaky gut, and metabolic disorder are also possible. each cause must be check by you and hopefully you get a doctor to check the vitamin and protien defiencies. I often am okay at one point then go down in protien and vitamin. I have leaky gut and I also have lymphedema. and I know pressing my hand to my big areas several time like a reflexology move is good to help flow. when you feel sick from doing this its toxins build up with the fluid you may have. you need to drink fluid to get it to pee out. long term problems need more time on the diet. do the Dick-Cosner Lymph obstruction test. you go in cold water and are still for as long as you can. then you twist the area you had pain in from auto accidents or slip and falls. these are easily where the lymph congest and harden becoming a block in the lymph system. when you do twistiing of the pain area and you feel breaking, hear crackling. you have lymphedema. You can use shower and hot tub to exercise the effected area. then press your finger or hand to area up and down for a min each session can rid of toxin that you will feel. drink vitamin drink like zipfizz and make sure you have fish oil, magnesium, glucosamine daily when you do this exercise to the effected lymph area. you can also press your belly. several time and massage for 8 min your upper arms, theighs and belly. if in 8 min you got to pee. you releasing toxin and build up. it takes a while for the body to respond as with dieting you usual get fluid build up. however it not toxic as the waste you lost. good luck.


    Pamela Cosner

    sorry forgot to mention harden lymph responds to hot water. like lards, coconut oils. they soften and when soften using the vitamin drinks you choose will cause flow over the once harden lymph obstruction. unless you see a doctor who treats metabolic disorders and they know that vitamin C is important in toxic build up. for the liver. most will restrict the orange juice. but I say drink it.


  • 3
    hala Zaki

    I would like to pay for private counceling and diet plans. I live in Cairo,Egypt


  • 4

    is thisa diet to folow the rest of your life? or for 30days then modify normal diet as necessary?


  • 5
    Linda Lazarides

    Thanks for your interest in my book! I just wanted to point out that soy never has been a compulsory ingredient of the Waterfall Diet. Also may I correct a slight mis-conception? Soy is not suitable as an infant feed, but there is now plenty of research suggesting that moderate soy can help prevent and even treat breast cancer in women.



    What about people with hypothyroidism who aren’t supposed to touch soy?


    Pavneet Soni

    Hi Angie

    I’ve been a hypothyroid patient for last 13 years now and regularly eating soy. I have had no probs ever. I’ve consulted several Endos and none have ever asked me to stop eating SOY or any food.



    Hi Angie

    I’m hypothyroid and have been told not to eat soy within 4 hours of taking thyroxine as it stops the absorption. After that time, you’re okay,

  • 6

    Am i allowed to use laxatives when following this diet?


    Linda Lazarides, Waterfall Diet Author

    Hi Chaya, it’s probably best not to use laxatives too often anyway. The Waterfall Diet is a fibre-rich diet so you shouldn’t need any extra help in the bowel department.