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Perhaps you recently had surgery and need rehabilitation without stress on your joints. Or maybe you have a weak heart, and you cannot exercise as long as you once were able. Perhaps you just need to lose weight, but you do not have a lot of time to accomplish the exercise necessary. If any of these things could be said of you then perhaps the Wave would be right for you.

The Wave technology was put into play by several specialists in various fields. The Wave is not a diet. It is actually vibration technology that is being used by physical therapists, doctors, and Olympians for a variety of purposes. It can also be used by you. The idea behind the Wave (Whole-body Advanced Vibration Exercise) is that the vibrations increase circulation, strengthen the bones, and make you stronger. The formula the Wave technology used is Force=Mass x Acceleration. Rather than making you lift more weight or lift weight more quickly, with the Wave you can simply let the vibration do the extra work.

List of Ingredients

There are three main Wave instruments. They all look quite similar, but the do have differences. They are the Contour Plus, Air Reflex, and the Pro Elite. One difference between the three products lies in the weight calibration. Another difference between the three lies in the maximum load. The Contour can hold 400lbs. The Air Reflex can hold 1,000lbs, and the Pro Elite can hold 1,400lbs.

Product Features

The main feature of the Wave products is the vibration. They are a piece of exercise equipment that vibrates that you can do many different types of exercises on with the space to do them. It was used by winter Olympic athletes to get their muscles ready before competition.

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  • It can help in surgery recovery.
  • It can increase bone density.
  • It helps in weight loss.


  • Prices are not listed on internet.
  • The Wave brand focuses more the medical needs than weight loss needs.
  • It takes less time to exercise, so it does not keep a person moving as long.


The Wave technology seems to be a great piece of exercise equipment, and although weight loss is mentioned as a result of using the Wave. It does not seem to be its overarching purpose. The Wave seems to be profitable, but it is hard to know if it would be affordable for the general population as the prices are not listed. If you are in need of something to get you off the couch and get moving then this may not be the best machine for you. It may get you off the couch, but because it takes less time to exercise, you may soon be right back where you started.

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