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The Weight Loss Cure, endorsed by Kevin Trudeau in his book The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About, supposedly derives inspiration from a medical study done thirty years ago. According to Trudeau, an English physician named Simeons, discovered, through this study, the ultimate cure for obesity. However, since then, the FDA and other such organizations have hid his findings from the public.

Trudeau’s program consists of eating organic food, taking herbal supplements, and receiving hCG hormone injections. During the first “phase” dieters stay on a healthful diet and undergo colonics and massage therapy. On the hCG phase, they will be eating as little as 500 calories a day and receiving hCG shots. However, according to Trudeau’s book and Dr. Simeons original study, despite the low calorie count, while on these shots, dieters will not feel hungry.

Many websites and health professionals warn against this program. Some feel that Trudeau suggests harmful and unproven methods of weight loss. Many cite his criminal background and apparent history of fraud as warning signs. Others feel that his program warrants interest, but he steers far away from Dr. Simeons original methods. However, despite these warnings against Trudeau, some overweight individuals claim to have used and benefited from his advice. Dieters need to keep in mind, though, that his program is not endorsed by the FDA nor will many doctors proscribe the hCG shots.

List of Ingredients

This is a dieting program and not a dietary supplement and therefore doesn’t have a list of ingredients. However, the program consists of organic foods, around nine different herbal supplements, and hCG shots.

Product Features

The book The Weight Loss Cure They Don’t Want You to Know About is 256 pages and can be purchased at bookstores, on for just under $17, on various other websites, and on Trudeau’s official website. Those using the program will also want to purchase the needed herbal supplements, organic groceries, and the hCG shots. HCG is a hormone produced by pregnant women which keeps them from losing good fat and muscle mass.

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  • The Weight Loss cure supposedly causes weight loss.
  • Trudeau claims his program comes from the research of an established English doctor.


  • Trudeau has a criminal record.
  • Trudeau lacks any sort of medical certification.
  • Buying groceries for The Weight Loss Cure program can become expensive.
  • Dieters may have trouble finding a doctor to proscribe the hCG shots or pills.
  • No money back guarantee is offered for the book.
  • No before and after testimonial pictures are readily available online.


Trudeau makes big claims about his Weight Loss Cure program. Many obese individuals will find his claims attractive–lose weight quickly, exercise little. However, these interested individuals should approach the program with caution. Trudeau has no medical certification, his program is unproven, and he himself has a record of fraud. Even if the research behind his program is correct, many claim he steers away from the original findings of Dr. Simeons. Still, despite all of these drawbacks, some people have found success on his plan. Those considering the program due to these positive testimonials should do their research carefully, making sure to not make a rash decisions they may regret later.

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