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The Weight of the Nation is a documentary that aired on HBO, over two nights on May 14th and 15th, 2012. You can see the documentary online, as it is broken down into four parts. The premise of the documentary is the obesity epidemic America faces, and how in order to win the battle, we must lose the weight. Read more to learn more about the program, and how the information in it may help you reach your weight loss goals.

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The Weight of the Nation is broken down into four parts. The first part is called “Consequences” and discusses the health issues associated with being obese. The second part is called “Choices” and discusses all the medications we have here in America to treat various conditions, but there is nothing approved to prevent, reverse, or treat obesity itself. It poses the question why, and makes people think more about why we are doing more to address the root cause of the majority of our health conditions. The third part is called “Children in Crisis” and takes a close look at the childhood obesity rate and what we are setting our children up for by allowing them to be excessively heavy at such as young age. It talks about how cutting out sugary drinks and treats is not enough, how our children need more exercise than they get every day, and how the nation’s school lunches are not nearly as healthy as we think they are. The last part, called “Challenges” takes a closer look at the root causes of obesity in our society, noting that zip codes have to do more with genetic codes because lower income families simply do not have the access or means to select healthier food options because farmers are not helped enough and what’s healthy for you is more expensive than what’s not. Overall though, the cheap food carries a heavier price, and this is something people need to consider when they are choosing to eat junk.

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  • The Weight of the Nation gives a good glimpse at the obesity problem in America.


  • The Weight of the Nation is not available to all people, because if you do not have HBO, you have to have the Internet to be able to watch it.
  • Watching a documentary will not necessary spur people into action.
  • This is not a diet or workout routine.


The Weight of the Nation gives a good look at the way the obesity epidemic in America is affecting people. It really lets you see the source of the problem and tries to help you see a solution for it, but simply watching it will not produce weight loss results. It is a great motivator, though.

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