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With his development of the Weightless Workout program, Jerry Robinson, president and research director of Health for Life, seeks to help people get in shape, stay in shape, and lose weight without the use of weights. Apparently, he focuses on how the body is moved during exercise and not the amount of weight lifted. According to some online sources, his exercises are based off of resistance bands and other similar workout aids. However, very little online information about his methods exists. Those interested will want to either find a copy of the book to read or buy it themselves.

List of Ingredients

The Weightless Workout is a workout routine and not a dietary weight loss supplement and therefore has no list of ingredients.

Product Features

Jerry Robinson published his book The Weightless Workout in 1991. It contains 138 pages. Those looking for a new, easier but effective workout routine may want to purchase the book. Amazon offers the book for $10. Also, Amazon sells other workout and fitness books by Robinson.

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  • The Weightless Workout provides a way to lose weight without either the need to go to the gym or to use weights.
  • Robinson’s workout book retails for a fairly reasonable price.


  • The internet has very little information on Robinson or his weightless workout.
  • Apparently The Weightless Workout gives no dieting information. All workouts need to be combined with a sensible diet for maximum results.
  • Some experts may feel that no a workout has no real effects without the use of weights.
  • Purchasing a book with a laid out routine will not provide the same personal focus as hiring a personal trainer will.
  • Some people may find this workout routine to strenuous for them.
  • Robinson apparently has no official website.


Many people feel the need to find an easier, less difficult routine than one that focuses purely on weight lifting. Some people may even feel that weight lifting focuses on only a few muscles and leaves some portions of the body under-worked. For those looking for a different way to get slimmer, stay fit, or get fit, The Weightless Workout will probably seem interesting.

Despite these obvious things in its favor, no one should start this workout without first doing their research. Many people claim their workout provides better results than any other, however, oftentimes, these people only offer less than desirable changes at the price of an expensive book. Likewise, Robinson’s workout may not live up to his own claims.

Also, those interested should keep in mind the lack of information about Robinson. Although apparently popular in the 80s and 90s, he seems to have disappeared from the fitness world. This disappearance may signal that his routines lacked validity. Fitness fanatics may do better to look into more recent, more cutting edge routines.

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