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There are some special diet plans that certain individuals must adhere to in order to stay healthy. This is often due to specific food allergies. For instance, some people are allergic to peanuts; therefore they cannot consume any foods that have peanuts in them, nor can they eat food that was manufactured or processed in a facility that handles peanuts. Then there are some people that have an allergy to wheat. This is where The Wheat Allergy Diet comes into play. Put simply, if you have an allergy to wheat, this typically means that your body cannot process or absorb the protein found in wheat products. If you eat wheat, it will cause your immune system to go crazy, and release antibodies to combat the wheat proteins. Therefore wheat must be avoided if you are allergic.

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The Wheat Allergy Diet is an eating plan that incorporates foods that are free of wheat. Some of the foods you can eat on this diet are vegetables, milk, fruit, potatoes, eggs, coffee, fruit juices, beef, salad dressing, turkey, tea, corn, oatmeal, pork, white rice, chicken, cornmeal, and fish. If you accidentally consume wheat, you may experience side effects like a rash, restriction in the throat or airways, as well as hives. It is important to stick to this diet plan for the rest of your life, if you have a wheat allergy.

Just to be clear, The Wheat Allergy Diet is not intended for weight loss, but rather for safety reasons. While whole-wheat foods can certainly be very healthy, they cannot be eaten if you have this allergy. Some foods that you should be sure to avoid are as follows; whole-wheat bread, pretzels, pasta, pancakes, ice cream, cornbread, waffles, crackers, and cake. However, if the product’s label states that it is “wheat-free,” then it is okay.

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  • The Wheat Allergy Diet makes eating safe for people with an allergy to wheat.
  • This diet plan ensures no allergic reactions for people with wheat allergies.


  • If you enjoy wheat products, this might be an unpleasant diet plan.
  • The Wheat Allergy Diet rules out a lot of good foods.
  • This diet plan does not encourage weight loss at all.


You need to understand that The Wheat Allergy Diet is not for shedding unwanted body weight at all. In fact, this diet plan is solely for individuals with allergies to wheat. There is no reason to adhere to this diet if you do not have a wheat allergy. As for individuals that do have an allergy to wheat, this diet is very important to follow. If you need further information and details pertaining to The Wheat Allergy Diet, you should consult your doctor.

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