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Different people prefer different types of diets and methods of weight reduction. This is because people have different lifestyles, preferences, schedules, and weight loss goals. One thing that many dieticians, fitness trainers, and weight loss gurus will emphasize is how important your daily diet or eating plan is. After all, the foods you put in your body can make a world of difference when it comes to the way you look, feel, and perform. This is why some experts emphasize The Whole Foods Diet. While this is not a specific book, DVD, or product, it is a simple way of eating that can improve your health.

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The Whole Foods Diet is basically a diet plan that focuses on the consumption of various foods in their natural forms. As you surely know, there are plenty of whole foods to choose from. Some of these are natural vegetables, fruits, free-range meats, fish, potatoes, natural poultry, whole-grains like oatmeal, beans, legumes, whole-wheat rice, and un-breaded seafood. If you choose The Whole Foods Diet, you will need to avoid processed and pre-packaged foods. Some examples are crackers, ice cream, cakes, canned soups, candy bars, cookies, cereals, frozen dinners, soft drinks, and chips. Even frozen pizzas are processed.

One of the key reasons for The Whole Foods Diet is to avoid the large quantities of sodium, fat, sugar, and cholesterol found in processed foods. Processed foods also contain large amounts of preservatives, hydrogenated oils, and unhealthy additives. By cutting these out, and simply focusing on whole foods, you are able to reduce your calorie intake. The Whole Foods Diet also provides you with more nutrients for ideal health. Some experts believe that The Whole Foods Diet helps reduce your risk of disease and illness. Since less sugar, bad fats, and bad cholesterol are consumed on this diet, you may be able to shed unwanted pounds.

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  • Cutting out processed foods is a healthy choice.
  • You can potentially minimize your risk of disease on The Whole Foods Diet.
  • This diet may assist you with some weight loss.


  • You will have to work harder to prepare meals.
  • The Whole Foods Diet may cost you more since you will need to buy all ingredients separately.
  • There is no fitness program mentioned for this diet plan.
  • You may miss some of the foods you have become accustomed to.


Overall, The Whole Foods Diet can certainly help you improve your overall health. Many experts agree that consuming only whole foods is healthier than eating processed snacks and prepackaged meals. However, you should be prepared for the amount of time you will need to devote to preparing everything at home. Not to mention the high grocery bill that comes with purchasing only whole foods.

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