The You Are What You Eat Diet Review

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The foods you put in your body each day can reflect how you look and feel; at least to some degree. You must keep in mind that the nutrients from these foods are what feed your body, pass through your veins, and assist your organs with regular maintenance. If you are not getting the right vitamins and minerals, it can start to cause problems over time. This brings us to the “You Are What You Eat Diet,” which is a book that was written by Gillian McKeith. This text can be found online through dealers like Amazon, and sells for a list price of $17.

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The You Are What You Eat Diet is pitched as a “no-nonsense” approach to health and weight loss. This book is 224 pages in length, and was originally published in March of 2006. It was apparently a bestseller in the United Kingdom, and sold over two million copies. At this point, McKeith has a TV show in the works for the United States. Since the author of this text is a renowned nutritionist, she is able to provide worthy advice to dieters, which helps with both getting the right nutrients, and eating to shed unwanted pounds.

A few things addressed in the You Are What You Eat Diet are as follows; a food IQ test, Dr. Gillian’s “Diet of Abundance,” and a seven-day startup plan for eating right. There are some customer testimonials posted on websites like Amazon, which are helpful to read. It does not appear that any specific exercise plan is involved with the You Are What You Eat Diet book. Nor is there any mention of supplement formulas that curb appetite or help with fat burning.

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  • This text helps you learn more about healthy food choices.
  • It is easy to find this book online and in local bookstores.
  • By making certain diet choices emphasized in this text, you may be able to improve your overall health.


  • There is no exercise program mentioned with the You Are What You Eat Diet.
  • No convenient supplements are used in this diet plan to aid with weight loss.
  • Some people may not like changing their routine diet.
  • It seems that there are numerous other books on the market similar to this one.


When it comes down to it, you certainly need to pay attention to the foods you consume daily. After all, what you eat can definitely impact your weight and overall health. As for the You Are What You Eat Diet book, this text may be able to provide you with some decent advice on foods you need and foods you should avoid. However, it is unclear whether or not this book will actually assist you with losing weight.

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