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The Younger Thinner You Diet is a book written by author Eric Braverman, MD. Braverman believes the taste buds cause people to overeat and hold 100% of the blame for people falling off weight loss plans. The brain controls how these taste buds react to food and thus Braverman explains in the Younger Thinner You Diet that dieters can retrain the brain to eat less and lose more.

List of Ingredients

Food suggestions to lose weight and reduce the signs of aging.

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Most diet authors stick with one set of claims. Dr. Eric Braverman is not the typical diet author. Braverman believes there are foods that can help the brain to revert back to controlling hunger and reverse the signs of aging – at the same time. The food list for the Younger Thinner You Diet includes foods that increase dopamine in the brain. These same foods can help the dieter feel full and eat less thus promoting weight loss. Braverman also believes his choice of foods and methods can be customized to meet the needs of patients with health issues that commonly stand in the way to choosing a weight loss plan.

The official website for the program reads like a list of propaganda. Claims, claims and more claims are published but the dieter is not given any insight into what foods are allowed and how the plan works. Dieters who have read the Younger Thinner You Diet book claim the terminology used is difficult to understand. While Braverman claims the diet is simple, consumers could not get past the scientific and medical terms to understand how to use Braverman’s methods.

A few key points of the Younger Thinner You Diet include the use of herbs and spices to help retrain the brain. Braverman also suggests dieters use artificial sweeteners, which have been shown to cause increased hunger in some dieters. Younger Thinner You Diet sells for less than $10.

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  • Recipes may help the dieter to cut calories.
  • Younger Thinner You Diet is inexpensive.


  • The book includes terms consumers may not understand.
  • None of the foods or weight loss methods is revealed unless the dieter buys the book.
  • Consumers are not convinced the diet will help them lose more weight.
  • Artificial sweeteners may cause increased hunger.


Dr. Eric Braverman hypes up the Younger Thinner You Diet as the end all of diet books. Consumers have something different to say. If dieters cannot understand how to follow the diet they will never stick to a plan long enough to achieve long-term weight loss. Braverman claims brain retraining is the key, but does not offer a simple approach to do just that. With bland recipes and too much hype, this may not be the best diet book to read.

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