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The Zen of Thin program, apparently developed by Wendi Friesen, seeks to help those with ingrained bad habits leading to weight gain, change those habits and start losing weigh and getting in shape. Supposedly, Friesen uses hypnotherapy to accomplish this task. She teaches clients self-hypnosis as well as meditation through a variety of different sessions. Sessions come on DVDs and CDs. Different sessions include teaching a love of exercise, helping overweight individuals learn to balance their desire to lose weight and their desire to use weight as a control issue, putting people in control of their cravings, speeding up the metabolic rate, changing the mind’s view of its ideal weight, creating a new idea of the right physique in patients’ minds, and training people to talk to their body correctly.

Those individuals interested in alternative medicine and new age philosophies may find the Zen of Thin program helpful. Self-hypnosis has been show to benefit those trying to lose weight, stop smoking, and stop other addictions. However, many professionals will view this program with suspicion. No one can expect to lose weight through mind changes alone. And no one can expect a program to do the hard work for them. Those interested in losing weight and getting in shape need to train their minds and bodies to do the hard things–resist cravings, and start exercising. Self-hypnosis could help in this effort. Still, it should not be viewed as the ultimate way to lose weight.

List of Ingredients

Not applicable. The Zen of Thin is a weight loss aid not an herbal supplement and thus has no list of ingredients. The program does come with 14 CD sessions and 8 DVD sessions as well as a daily journal and affirmation cards.

Product Features

Each Zen of Thin program contains 14 CD session and 8 daily DVD session. Each CD lasts 25 minutes and users will listen to them either at night as they fall asleep or in the morning. The program also contains a journal to keep track of progress and affirmation cards to keep the user encouraged. The entire program costs $149.

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  • The Zen of Thin supposedly helps promote effortless weight loss.
  • Each Zen set come with a one year satisfaction guarantee.


  • Many people will feel that the Zen of Thin is too expensive.
  • Much of the basis for the Zen program, self-hypnosis, lacks adequate research and acceptance in the health world.
  • Some may find Wendi Friesen’s website unprofessional and difficult to navigate.


Friesen, a clinical hypnotherapist, uses an interesting basis for her program–self-hypnosis as a method of self-help or, more specifically, a weight loss aid. However, many people will probably find her assertions suspicious. Certainly, some research shows that hypnosis can significantly benefit those who use it. However, relying on it as a replacement for your own effort and work could possibly backfire. Perhaps those interested should consider using the Zen of Thin as a supplementary part of their weight loss program and not the basis of it.

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