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Theracyl is a transdermal cream that has been developed as a natural way of revitalizing hormones. It has been developed for women in particular as a treatment for PMS, pre and post menopause symptoms, hormonal teens and women who have had a hysterectomy. The product itself is advertised via infomercial and claims to have no hormones as well as being ‘registered’ with the FDA.

The official website of the Theracyl infomercial product contains user testimonials but does not make the specific ingredients clear and doesn’t seem to include any details on a satisfaction guarantee. Apart from this, it contains information on how the product may help to improve symptoms of menopause, and states that this product is also useful when looking to lose weight.


The website states that this is a homeopathic blend of remedies designed to support natural hormone function. Shea Butter and Alcohol are the only ingredients we can find and they are related to absorption.

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Though there are positive testimonials available on the official website, a quick search will find that reviews are very mixed from users who have used the product for various lengths of time. Many users claim that it had no effect whatsoever, but other users have claimed to see significant improvements regarding hot flashes and other symptoms.

Regarding weight loss, it is true that hormones play a role in the metabolic rate, though menopause remedies should not be considered an effective supplement to aid weight loss, especially when the specific ingredients cannot be known from the website.

This product may improve the symptoms of menopause, though hormonal issues are not normally the cause of individual weight problems. It is also advisable to discuss menopause symptoms with a doctor before taking any kind of supplement.

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  • None.


  • The official website doesn’t list all of the ingredients in this product.
  • Expensive. One bottle of cream costs $100.
  • This product is technically a hormone therapy cream that claims weight loss is a side effect of using it.


Every woman will deal with menopause at some time in their lives so it’s nice to see some products that deal with alternative methods of hormone replacement therapy. As far as weight loss goes, we don’t see any reason to spend $100 on this product. It is true that sometimes hormones play a part in weight gain and the inability to keep weight off but we don’t think this product will help very much in that area.

You would be much better off using a weight loss supplement that contains proven thermogenic ingredients as well as a fat burner or appetite suppressant. These supplements are usually less than $100 and give you at least a 30 day supply.

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4 User Reviews about Theracyl

  • 1

    I can not locate place to buy Theracyl product your website doesn’t open to purchase????can I order by phone????what is # or site I can buy???


  • 2
    g rand

    like it want to order.


  • 3
    Susan Pearson

    I’ve used it since 2007 and it’s done wonders for me.It supported all my needs,and believe me i had many.It think it’s the only thing for me.I had cervic cancer in 2005 and had to have everything removed.After going on estrogen which made me gain weight and also causing cancer i started theracyl which has done wonders for me.Has far as weight loss, you have to do it on your own.If you feel good and don’t be deprived of your sleep at night(NIGHT SWEATS) and have enough energy each day and will power then you yourself can lost weight.Right!


  • 4

    I used theracyl for 1 year. I developed breast cancer after that. I don’t know if there is a connection or not, but I cannot think of anything else that I did differently. I am a health-nut and am careful of my diet. I eat very little animal products.