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What You Should Know

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You need to take your time when seeking out the right weight loss formula. The first thing you should establish is whether you are searching for a diet program, fitness DVD, weight loss pill, or other type of weight management system. This will certainly help you narrow your search. One product that falls into the diet pill/supplement category is Therm Acai. The price on this weight loss formula varies from $10 to $50. Therm Acai can be taken by women and men, and contains antioxidants to help boost the immune system.


  • Acai Berry Extract 250mg
  • Green Tea Extract 100mg
  • Caffeine 50mg
  • Kelp 50mg
  • Apple Cider Vinegar 50mg
  • Grapefruit 50mg

Product Features

If you are searching for a diet product that may help encourage the digestion of fat, flush out toxins and waste, aid the digestive tract, and help eliminate fat from the body, then you may want to consider Therm Acai capsules. This dietary supplement is claimed to boost energy levels and make you feel great. Unfortunately customer success stories and reviews were not found to support this diet formula.

The ingredients used in Therm Acai are Green Tea Extract (contains caffeine and antioxidants to boost the metabolism), Caffeine (this is a stimulant and diuretic that boosts energy levels), Acai Extract (this natural berry extract offers antioxidants), Kelp, Grapefruit, and Apple Cider Vinegar. Kelp is basically brown seaweed and it may help prevent the absorption of fat. As far as clinical research or trial results are concerned, there is nothing presented on Therm Acai. A special diet plan and regular exercise are not mentioned for this weight loss supplement. No refund policy is addressed either.

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  • This weight loss supplement offers antioxidants to help fight free radical damage.
  • The major ingredients used in Therm Acai are explained online.
  • This supplement contains natural fruit extracts.


  • Even though Acai Berry Extract is the core ingredient, it is not linked to real weight loss.
  • There are no customer success stories found to support the claims made about Therm Acai.
  • A refund policy is not addressed for this diet pill.
  • Some people may experience allergic reactions to this weight management formula.


One thing you should be concerned with when you purchase a diet pill or supplement is the refund policy. If there is not one, it is a sign that the company does not truly stand behind the product. This is the case with Therm Acai, because there is no refund guarantee. You should also take into account the main ingredient, which is Acai Berry Extract. This natural extract has not been proven to aid with fat loss. On the other hand, it does provide antioxidants.

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