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What You Should Know

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Young Living Essential Oils has a reputation within the natural health world for providing natural essential oil based health products to the general public. Among these products is the weight loss product, ThermaBurn which supposedly helps its takers lose fat through speeding up their metabolism and burning carbohydrates faster. Although, unlike many other of their products, the basis of this supplement is not essential oils, it does use essential oils–primarily spearmint, nutmeg, peppermint, myrtle, and Conyza canadensis–to support the other ingredents–amino acids, herbs, etc–that provide the primary benefits.

Many dieters may find ThermaBurn of interest due its relatively low possibility of side effects. However, even a natural supplement can have its problems and should be viewed warily, especially since very little information regarding the safeness, research, or efficacy of the product exists.

List of Ingredients

ThermaBurn contains hydroxycitric acid, L-Carnitine, chromium polynicotinate, theobromine, yerba mate extract, nutmeg, spearmint, peppermint, myrtle, Conyza canadensis, frankincense, guarana, boron, and licorice root.

Product Features

Like all Young Living products, ThermaBurn is sold through different independent distributors. The product retails for about $70 dollars and will last for up to 20 days, possibly only 10.

According to the company, the different ingredients in this supplement all work together to promote weight loss. Hydroxycitric acid (HCA), for example, lessens hunger and cravings. L-Carnitine, an amino acid, works with Hydroxycitric to burn fat. Chromium polynicotinate helps both HCA and L-Carnitine to burn fat and carbohydrates faster. Both theobromine and yerba mate supposedly give energy and support to the body and muscles. And all the essential oils–nutmeg, spearmint, peppermint, myrtle, Conyza Canadensis–work together to provide energy to the body, lessen hunger, and give all-over support to the other ingredients in the supplement.

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  • ThermaBurn contains many natural, harmless ingredients.
  • The supplement is quick and easy to take.


  • ThermaBurn apparently lacks an official website.
  • No before and after photos are available.
  • The product advertising places too much emphasis on taking this supplement and not enough on diet and exercise.
  • Some experts may feel ThermaBurn makes unrealistic and unsupported claims.
  • Many individuals will feel the product is too expensive.


Currently, the health world abounds with different weight loss supplements. These supplements often contain harmful and unneeded ingredients. For those interested in losing weight and avoiding harmful side effects, a product such as ThermaBurn, which makes use of many natural ingredients, may seem like the answer. However, those interested in ThermaBurn should make sure to do their research first. Some of the ingredients could be harmful. Also, very little information regarding the efficacy of the product is available. With this possibility for harm and ineffectiveness, many dieters may feel the price of ThermaBurn is too high. However, others may feel differently. Those interested need to their own research, consult their doctor, and make that decision themselves.

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