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Thermal Carb offers several products that claim to assist users with weight loss. These products include Fat Burner, Fat Burner Xtreme, 7 Day Cleansing/Meltdown Diet and Carb Blocker Phase Two. Thermal Carb claims that their products are designed to lower the user’s appetite as well as reduce the carbohydrates absorbed by an individual’s body. The tablets are also said to burn excess fat stored in the system. A claim by the manufacturers states that when there is an abundance of carbohydrates in the body, insulin production is on the rise. This will not allow the system to lose weight properly. The Thermal Carb tablets claim that they will assist in helping a person to lose weight in a healthy manner.

The manufacturers of this weight loss supplement state that, along with a healthy eating lifestyle, an individual will be able to lose the desired amount of weight by using Thermal Carb products. These tablets can be found through the internet or at local retail stores. The prices vary based on the type of supplement that is purchased. Each product can retail for around $50 a piece.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients for Thermal Carb include but are not limited to; Green Tea Extract, White Willow Extract, Hoodia and Synepherine.

Full ingredient lists vary by product.

Product Features

These ingredients are designed with natural elements that are stated to allow carbs as well as fat to be burned properly.

These elements in the Thermal Carb tablets are based on herbal remedies. They are said to lower blood sugar levels so that carbs and fat can burn appropriately. The most difficult part of losing weight is assisting the body to burn fat while also avoiding feeling hungry. The Thermal Carb products claim that they can accomplish these goals safely and effectively.

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  • Thermal Carb does not claim to work alone. The manufacturers have said with the proper fitness and diet regimen, the supplements will assist in losing the desired pounds.
  • All natural ingredients are presented for a safe alternative.
  • The cost of the products is fairly inexpensive. Depending on the product, a person may be able to find their desired supplement on sale.


  • Testimonials as well as reviews from individuals that have taken these products cannot be found.
  • Trial periods or money back guarantees are not offered from the manufacturers of Thermal Carb.
  • There are several products to choose from. Finding the correct supplement for an individual’s needs may be a trial and error mission.


There are several products on the market that may have comparable ingredients to those found in Thermal Carb tablets. An individual may choose another source of weight loss supplement that offers similar ingredients backed up with more customer support. That can be in the form of a free trial or a money back guarantee.

The key to achieving the correct choice in a diet supplement is simple. Research each product carefully. Ask friends and family about their success rate with the Thermal Carb products. It is also vital to understand how an individual’s system works. This is why it is also important to find a product backed up by a well-established manufacturer.

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2 User Reviews about Thermal Carb

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    I love the product but can’t find it anymore propably becsuse it works please help


  • 2

    I used Thermal carb a couple years ago and I loved..I does block the carbs. And if a little exercise and diet I saw the difference in my body. I want to buy again, but, I cant find. Help me, where can I buy it. Thank you for your attetion. Angel