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Syn-Tec Nutriceuticals, a New Zealand company, produces the fat burning diet pill, Thermalene, a thermogenic supplement. These thermogenic properties are mainly produced through the caffeine found in both green tea and guarana extract. The caffeine speeds up the blood flow and metabolic rate and therefore helps the body eliminate fat.

Although thermogenic fat burners are commonly accepted as beneficial in the weight loss supplement world, dieters may want to keep in mind that Thermalene contains caffeine, generally considered a harmful substance in weight loss pills. However, the product may be safe and live up to its claims. Those interested should look into it more for themselves.

List of Ingredients

According to one online source, Thermaline contains Green Tea Extract, Equiv Dry Herb, Hydroxy Citric Acid, Garcinia Quaesita Extract, HCA, Citrus Aurantium Extract, Chromium Iodinate, Acetyl L Carnitine,White Willow Bark Extract, Gurana Extract, Tyrosine, Coleus Forskohli Extract.

Product Features

210 pills, a seven week supply, generally retails for around $119.95. However, one site currently sells the product for the reduced price of $98.75.

According to the company, all the different ingredients of Thermalene have their own benefits. Green tea extract, guarana extract, and citrus aurantium extract all speed up the rate of metabolism. Tyrosine works with neurotransmitters to perform the same task. Acetyl L Carnitine supports the cells through promoting a faster assimilation of fat as fuel for them. According to some research, HCA or Hydroxy Citric Acid might help suppress hunger. Chromium Picolinate supposedly assists in stopping carbohydrates from becoming fat, stabilizing blood sugar and thus controlling carbohydrate cravings. Finally, Coleus Forskohli helps the metabolic system better burn calories.

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  • Thermalene supposedly speeds up the metabolism.
  • The product should produce results within seven weeks. In fact, customers are told not to take it any longer than this timeframe.


  • Thermalene contains caffeine, often considered a harmful diet substance.
  • Thermalene has no before and after pictures of dieters who took the product.
  • Thermalene may make unsupported claims.
  • Interested dieters may find it difficult to find information regarding either the benefits or negatives of the product.


Thermogenic fat burners are a common supplement in the dieting world. These products may speed up the metabolism and therefore promote faster weight loss. Such a product deserves a deeper look. However, dieters need to remember that Thermalene contains caffeine, possibly a harmful substance. Although the company would probably claim their caffeine comes from a more natural source than does the caffeine in many other products, people should still approach it with a wary eye. Thermalene may work for many people but no one should take it without considering its possible side effects.

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