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What You Should Know

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The first thing we notice when researching the ThermaSlim product is the lack of an online presence for both the product and the company that makes it. While we were able to locate many online retailers who offered the ThermaSlim supplement for sale, there was no official presence for this brand. Therefore, all of the information that we were able to gather comes from alternative sources to the actual ThermaSlim manufacturing company itself.

ThermaSlim claims to help dieters lose weight by enhancing metabolic function. The theory behind the product states that when you cut calories from your diet to lose weight, your metabolism also slows down to accommodate the reduction in fuel that it is receiving. Consequently, weight loss becomes more difficult to obtain and energy levels drop. ThermaSlim uses three key ingredients that are supposed to speed the metabolism so that calories are burned more efficiently and weight loss goals are achieved.

List of Ingredients

The ingredients for ThermaSlim include: vitamin C, chromium, L-carnitine, Juniper Berries, Uva Ursi, Kola Nut, Buchu Leaves, Cascara Sagrada, Peppermint Leaves, Calcium Phostphate, Celulose, Croscarmellose Sodium, Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate.

Product Features

Many of the ingredients featured in ThermaSlim work like diuretics, which can be helpful in weight loss but can also strip the body of necessary minerals and nutrients when not used with caution. The three ingredients that we will take the closes look at include chromium, L-carnitine and Kola nut; the three that ThermaSlim claims give this product the edge. L-carnitine is an amino acid that can transport fat to the mitochondria; the part of cells that can actually burn fat. Kola nut is said to assist the L-carnitine in the fat burning process, probably because the caffeine found within can increase energy levels. However, caffeine can also contribute to nervousness, increased heart rate and other adverse side effects in some. Chromium can aid in balancing blood sugar, which may keep cravings down.

Studies have shown that the use of amino acids like L-carnitine may be helpful in burning fat more effectively, thereby assisting in achieving weight loss goals. However, it is also clear that combining an appetite suppressant with the fat burner is the most effective formula. Because we were unable to find an official website for ThermaSlim, we were also unable to verify whether this product has been studied in clinical trials or find customer testimonials to support the company claims.

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  • ThermaSlim contains L-carnitine, which may assist in the fat burning process.
  • Does include a full day’s supply of vitamin C.


  • There is no official online presence for ThermaSlim.
  • Some of the ingredients listed may have undesirable side effects.
  • There is no proven appetite suppressant in this product.


While ThermaSlim may successfully increase a user’s metabolic rate to some extent, there is not sufficient evidence to suggest that this product alone will aid in weight loss. The inclusion of an appetite suppressant would be quite helpful in gaining our confidence in ThermaSlim’s effectiveness. The lack of an official online presence also gives us pause. Perhaps other products would provide better information and a better result.

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