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Thermaway is a product made by a company called Tabak’s Health Products, who claim to select “only the freshest ingredients for science-based, results-oriented formulas”. Tabak’s offers a wide variety of supplements for weight maintenance, bone and joint health, male enhancement, beauty enhancement and heart health. Thermaway is listed under its weight management category.

According to the company website, Thermaway will enhance metabolic function by “converting body fat into thermogenic energy”. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t go on to state precisely how the product will do so, since no ingredient lists, customer testimonials or clinical studies are provided. The products appear to be ordered as part of a program that will automatically ship the next supply every month. The advantage to this option is that your first order is free and subsequent items are shipped at a discounted price.

List of Ingredients

The complete list of ingredients for Thermaway was not provided on the company website. The only ingredient revealed is caffeine; a fairly standard substance used in many diet products because of its ability to increase energy levels. However, some people have adverse reactions to larger doses of caffeine that can include nervousness, irritability, insomnia and increased heart rate. These side effects can be exacerbated if you drink a caffeinated beverage while taking a product like Thermaway. The company website does list a warning to that effect, as well as a warning to nursing and pregnant women to check with a doctor before using.

Product Features

The company website is sketchy at best, providing little information about the Thermaway product. This is a concern on a number of levels. First, we believe that consumers should make informed choices about the substances that they put in their bodies by perusing complete ingredient lists before purchasing. Second, there is no way to tell how effective a product will be if you do not have a complete list of the active ingredients included. Finally, allergies and sensitivities to particular ingredients cannot be addressed under these circumstances, making the product potentially dangerous to some consumers. We advise dieters to use extreme caution in considering products that are not 100% forthcoming with information like this.

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  • The product is easily available on the company website.
  • Thermaway’s price is competitive and the company provides a 40-day money back guarantee.


  • A complete ingredient list was not available on the company website at the time of this review.
  • Product contains caffeine, which can have an adverse reaction in some people.
  • No clinical studies or client testimonials are available at this time.


There is not sufficient evidence available to accurately weigh the benefits or effectiveness of Thermaway. Without a complete ingredient list or customer testimonials, consumers are left in the dark as to precisely what Thermaway is all about. We urge consumers to use caution when dealing with companies that fail to disclose sufficient product information, and to shop for products where information is more readily available.

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    This Drug Can Cuase Allergic Reaction Which includes But Are Not Limeted To: Redness,Swelling,Itching,Rash.