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Thermazan is one of those weight loss supplements that made huge claims but was not capable of living up to those claims. The supplement contains just three ingredients, from the information we were able to find online. However, the official website for the supplement is no longer operational, which could mean the dieter is buying an outdated product from third-party retailers. The three ingredients supply two stimulants and one thermogenic with the ability to increase the absorption of other ingredients. There are no clinical references in any of the product descriptions we found online.

List of Ingredients


  • Yerba Mate
  • Guarana
  • Cayenne

Product Features

With just three ingredients it is simple to see where the bulk of the weight loss claims for Thermazan lay. Yerba mate and guarana are both stimulants. These stimulants are commonly standardized for caffeine, so the dieter is likely taking quite a caffeine boost when using Thermazan. We found no specific caffeine amount for the supplement, which is common. Many supplements that contain sources of caffeine in place of actual caffeine will claim to be caffeine-free, despite the clear stimulant impact of the ingredients.

Cayenne is a natural thermogenic. Thermogenics increase body heat and thus cause the body to work harder to lower body temperature; burning more calories. Cayenne is also used in many supplements to increase the absorption of other ingredients. Cayenne is not proven to have a strong impact on weight loss, though some study results are positive.

According to the product description, Thermazan reduces appetite and melts away fat. We enjoy the creative language used to promote the product, but there is no clinical evidence supporting these claims. Just because a supplement increases heart rate does not mean it increases weight loss. Even caffeine, proven to boost metabolism, can only do so much without diet and exercise.

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  • The ingredients for Thermazan are listed online.


  • Caffeine is not mentioned in the supplement description.
  • The dieter cannot be sure the ingredient list is complete without a dedicated official website.
  • The stimulant ingredients may increase heart rate, but that is not the same as increasing metabolism.
  • No testimonials or free trials are available.


Thermazan is a supplement that used to be associated with an affiliate program. Resellers could market the supplement with a link to the official website and get credit for a portion of the sale. There is no longer an official website for affiliates to market, so much of the information on this supplement is left on dead websites. There are websites that claim to sell the product directly, but we have no way of knowing whether this is the authentic supplement or just an old stock being advertised for sale.

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