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Thermazon is a product produced by PrideTech Labs; a company dedicated to providing quality supplements for many different health needs. According to the product website, PrideTech Labs has been producing supplements for the general public for over a decade. Thermazon claims to help the body burn fat more effectively and thus assist dieters in achieving weight loss goals. It does so by featuring an herbal ingredient that has been found deep in the Brazilian jungle.

The company website reads more like a high pressure infomercial than a responsible site providing the necessary information to allow consumers to make an educated choice in their diet supplements. There is little substantial information provided, such as a complete ingredient list or before and after photos. Thermazon sells for about $50 per bottle – a bit higher price tag than many other similar types of products. The company does offer a 90-day money back guarantee offer and reduced rates on multiple purchases.

List of Ingredients

A complete list of ingredients is not available on the company website at this time. This is always a concern for the consumer, since potential allergic reactions cannot be determined and true effectiveness is difficult to assess. The main ingredient that is touted in this formula is cha de bugre, a berry that is found in the Brazilian jungle and that has been used by natives for centuries for medicinal purposes. Cha de bugre has been found to be a significant source of caffeine, which will affect weight loss slightly as it stimulates the body and enhances energy levels. However, caffeine can also have many negative effects, such as insomnia, irritability and increased heart rate. Other ingredients listed for Thermazon are potassium, allantoin and allantoic acid.

Product Features

Cha de bugre has been used in numerous diet products today, refuting the idea put forth by PrideTech Labs that this ingredient is a great secret that they alone are disclosing. While it is widely used in South America, little research has been done in the United States to determine its effectiveness in a weight loss product. It has been marketed as a diuretic and an appetite suppressant, and it is thought to contribute to better blood circulation. However, there is not sufficient evidence at this point to suggest that this ingredient will be as effective as other proven substances in used in weight loss aids, such as Hoodia Gordonii and Advantra-Z.

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  • The product contains the noted ingredient cha de bugre.
  • There is a money-back guarantee offered on Thermazon.


  • A complete ingredient list is not included on the company website at this time.
  • The formula does not appear to include a proven appetite suppressant or fat burner.
  • Few customer testimonials are provided on the company website.


While Thermazon may provide an opportunity to try out the ingredient cha de bugre for weight loss, the price and lack of sufficient information about the product is going to be a huge drawback for many consumers. For less money, you can find products that contain proven ingredients that can aid in the weight loss process.

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