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ThermiCore by Met-Rx was a weight loss supplement with Ephedra that was highly popular before Ephedra was banned by the Food and Drug Administration in the United States. ThermiCore contained 20 mg of Ephedra; close to the upper limit allowed by the FDA of 24 mg. The impact of Ephedra on the body was increased energy and appetite suppression. Many dieters reported losing tons of weight taking Ephedra based products before links were found between Ephedra and deaths. Today, Met-Rx does not list ThermiCore on the official website, but some retailers still list information on the product though all show it as discontinued.

List of Ingredients

Folic Acid, Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Ephedra Alkaloids, TriNeuroAminoMatrix.

Product Features

Many Ephedra based products used what is referred to as an ECA stack to improve the performance of Ephedra. The ECA stack included Ephedra, Caffeine and Aspirin (white willow bark in most cases). ThermiCore does not contain a natural source of caffeine so it is one of the few that did not follow this lead. However, there is enough Ephedra and Caffeine in the supplement to give the dieter quite the jolt. There is 200 mg of caffeine included in supplement. That is enough to make up for two servings of coffee in the morning.

Green tea extract is a good ingredient. There are 300 mg of green tea in this supplement; enough to boost metabolism even without the caffeine and Ephedra. Green tea does have some caffeine content, so there is an extra boost because there is so much green tea included in ThermiCore.

Caffeine is another proven ingredient for weight loss. Caffeine boosts metabolism by increasing heart rate. There is quite a bit of caffeine in this supplement. Enough to give a dieter the jitters when taken with 300 mg of green tea and we haven’t even gotten to the Ephedra yet.

The 20 mg of Ephedra included in the supplement offers strong stimulant effects. Most dieters will feel the classic extreme rise and extreme fall associated with Ephedra when taking this product. ThermiCore would take about 15 minutes to start affecting heart rate and could keep the heart rate elevated for six hours or more before the body crashes with exhaustion.

ThermiCore sold for $31.95 before is was discontinued.

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  • Weight loss would result from taking ThermiCore.


  • ThermiCore is no longer available.
  • The main ingredient is associated with death.
  • There are three stimulants in the supplement.


If the diet industry could have figured out how to control Ephedra and stop it from causing health issues there would be less obesity in the world today. ThermiCore was one of a long list of supplements that have been proven to improve weight loss. However, the risk of taking the supplement was not worth the reward in the long run. Today, synephrine is commonly used in place of Ephedra so there is a good chance Met-Rx has a similar product out with this cousin to Ephedra.

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