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Thermo-Active gel by BodyLite is a recently developed formula containing a chili pepper tincture which is applied to unwanted bulges to supposedly trigger the rapid release of fat stores that are trapped in body tissues so it can be melted away. It only needs to be applied once a day to problem areas and then works around the clock to reshape your body.

Thermo-Active gel is a product of Taiwan and was formulated in France. BodyLite doesn’t have an official website, so there is a shortage of information about the company and limited reviews about this product.

List of Ingredients

Deionized water, Caffeine (with phospholipids), Hydrocotyl Extracts, Polyoxyethylene Castor Oil, Guarana Extract, Polycrycilic Acid, Horsetail Extract, Micro capsule, Grapefruit Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil, Fennel essential Oil, Estragon Essential Oil, Allantoin Capsicum tincture, Triethnolomine, Methylparaben,, EDTA-2Na.

Product Features

Chili Pepper is the hot ingredient that stimulates the body through warmth, sweating, and the raising of the metabolism which supposedly increases fat burning.

It is Thermo-Active Gel’s infusion of a patent pending Tri-Activ complex made up of extracts of Centella, Horsetail, and Guarana which sends any liberated fat from the Chili Pepper’s stimulation away to be burned.

This gel also claims to eliminate other build ups as well, such as excess water and toxins which may also be responsible for some of your body’s bulges.

The gel is simply applied by gently smoothing it over the areas in which you’d like to see melt away and slim down. As advertised, there should be a noticeable difference in about a week.

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  • Thermo-Active Gel contains herbal ingredients.
  • It only needs to be applied once a day.
  • It is easy to use.


  • This product cannot be linked to an official website.
  • Testimonials on other websites did not include before and after photos and seem questionable.
  • This product is not available through
  • Most advertisements for this product are hyped with superlatives.
  • Caffeine is the second ingredient and not mentioned at all in the advertisements.


If Thermo-Active Gel is giving people the results that is claims to give, it is a wonder that there is an absence of reviews written on this product, both positive or negative. If it does work, it seems it would work best on little bulges, and that a proper diet and exercise would need to accompany the use of this product for results that are satisfying. If it would even help a little, perhaps it would act best as an incentive for those who have been struggling to lose some of their unwanted flab. Whatever the case, it would be hard to recommend the purchase of this Thermo-Active Gel because of the absence of testimonials and reviews about this product.

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