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Fiber is readily found in several foods and dietary supplements. The consumption of fiber assists with weight management. The benefits of fiber include controlling the absorption of fat and suppressing appetite, while making you full. Thermo-Bond is a product from dietary supplement manufacturer Herbalife. The main ingredient in Thermo-Bond is fiber. Dieters have the ability to purchase the supplement on the official website as well as third-party ecommerce sites. Unfortunately, pricing is not available unless you register for the official website. We know the proven effects of fiber, but does Thermo-Bond produce similar results?

List of Ingredients


  • Dietary Fiber

Product Features

Thermo-Bond is a dietary supplement from supplement company Herbalife. The supplement is a fiber supplement designed to reduce the consumption of fat. The amount of fiber in each serving exceeds the daily-recommended requirements. Dieters have the opportunity to purchase the supplement on the official website or on third-party ecommerce sites. The one concern is the price. Individuals must register for the website prior to Herbalife divulging pricing information. There is a chance Thermo-Bond could exceed the price the average dieter is willing to pay.

There are concerns with the claims of Thermo-Bond. We know the benefits of fiber in the diet and the information relating to absorbing fat and suppressing appetite. The concern is would taking this supplement produce more weight loss? Considering Thermo-Bond does not offer clinical trials, there is no way to tell if a healthy diet consisting of high amounts of dietary fiber could potentially produce the same results.

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  • Fiber is ideal to use in a weight management plan.
  • The product is available on the official website as well as third-party ecommerce sites.
  • There are five types of fiber in Thermo-Bond.


  • Individuals have to register for Herbalife in order to view the pricing.
  • The manufacturer does not address diet and exercise use while using Thermo-Bond.
  • There is no guarantee of weight loss.
  • Although fiber is an ideal dietary supplement, there are no clinical trials associated with Thermo-Bond.
  • Consuming too much fiber could potentially have negative side effects.


Herbalife has been synonymous for diet supplements and fitness plans. Not every supplement available from the company is an ideal solution to weight management. Looking at Thermo-Bond, there is little call for concern. The main ingredient is fiber. Fiber, found in foods, is a healthy part of weight management plan. Other than the fiber, Thermo-Bond does not contain stimulants, diuretics, additives of preservatives. We have to note consuming fiber is not a magic weight loss solution. You have to commit to a lifestyle involving supplementation, healthy dieting choices and regular exercise.

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