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Thermo CLA is a product of GNC, a company that began in 1935 as a little health food store called Lackzoom that sold yogurt and honey grains. This company currently enjoys the status of the “largest global specialty retailer of nutritional products”, according to the GNC company website. Thermo CLA falls under the category of diet support formulas, and claims to boost energy and metabolism through a thermogenic formula that includes conjugated linoleic acid as its base. We will explore the virtues of linoleic acid later in this review.

Thermo CLA sells on the GNC website for $30; a pretty standard price for a diet product of this quality. Thermo CLA comes with a standard GNC money-back guarantee and there is free shipping on orders over a particular amount. We were unable to find customer testimonials on the company website at this time.

List of Ingredients

Ingredients for Thermo CLA include: vitamin E, conjugated linoleic acid, L-carnitine, caffeine anhydrous, green tea leaf extract, Glycerin, Caramel Color, Titanium Dioxide (Natural Mineral Whitener), Gelatin. It is also important to note that this product claims to be sugar and sodium free, with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. It is also wheat free and gluten free, making it a good choice for people with some allergies.

Product Features

Conjugated linoleic acid may effectively assist in the reduction of body fat. Unfortunately, one of the side effects to linoleic acid is that it can result in insulin resistance, which may increase the risk for developing diabetes. L-carnitine, found in food like red meat, can help the body dispose of fat more efficiently. However, studies on L-carnitine supplementation have not been conclusive as to its effectiveness. Green tea extract has numerous health benefits, but it is also high in caffeine. Some people can have adverse reactions to caffeine consumption like nervousness, irritability, increased heart rate and elevated blood pressure.

GNC is a company that has a long history and an excellent reputation. The company website provides clear information about their products, which includes a complete ingredient list, benefits, dosing information, and the appropriate precautions for pregnant and nursing women. Clinical studies have shown benefits of some of these ingredients, like linoleic acid, as a fat burning enhancement.

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  • Is suitable for those allergic to wheat and gluten, which is fairly rare.
  • Backed by a well known company with a history of quality.


  • No proven appetite suppressant in the Thermo CLA formula.
  • No customer testimonials available at this time.
  • May cause undesirable side effects in some users.


Thermo CLA may have some benefits for those seeking an effective weight loss supplement in terms of fat reduction and an increase in the metabolism. However, a few of the ingredients included in this product may have an adverse effect on certain people. Your best bet is to check with your doctor to find out if Thermo CLA is a safe and effective weight loss option for you.

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  • 1

    Can gnc cla be taken along with truvision? Should this be taken with food or water?


    Karen (Editor)

    Hi Stephanie. It is safe to take with water but if you’re looking to combine product you might want to give a more proven fat burner a look.


  • 2

    Thermo CLA together with the proper exercise and diet boosts metabolism which in turn helps loosing weight. But after three months this boosting effect diminishes which slows down the fat reduction process. Maybe this is because the body gets use to it over time. This is my personal experience and should not be considered as an expert advice.


  • 3

    I find Thermo CLA to be very effective at suppressing my appetite just enough to make a difference. The reason I take it, however, is because I find it SUPER effective at curbing my sugar cravings, which is my biggest issue. I also find that 1 gel cap in the morning gets the job done for me. By the time lunch rolls around I have to remind myself to eat, and will usually have a nice salad without all the garbage on it. That one pill tends to wear off by dinner, which is fine, and it continues to keep me curbed just enough so I eat a healthier, smaller meal and am very satisfied. Around 7p if I am hungry I will have an apple or bowl of raisin brand and I’m god to go! To the person asking if it helps end cellulite – no. NOTHING except healthy and cleaner eating and exercise helps that. Watch how much actual fats you are putting into your body, because those are what help “feed” cellulite. Remember too that some people can never get rid of it completely, but again, you can reduce the appearance of it through exercise and diet. You can read a few good articles about cellulite to learn more.


  • 4

    i really dint have much to say, i do believe that it will work for me cause is for the first time a start using it. again i would like to know if is helping to end the cellulite


  • 5

    can Thermo CLA cause hair lost over your body?


  • 6
    Lisa T

    I just found out about this product watching Dr. Oz,only I missed most of the segment. Is 1000 mg twice daily adequate for a 123 lb. woman? I realize the responses are not from professionals. Just looking for info based on personal experiences. How long generally before I should expect to see results? I exercise 3x weekly.


    Your Name

    If your 123 pounds why do you wanna loose weight



    Hey lisa, only my first day on the product so I’d say to work into it slowly. I’m pretty okay with caffeine and usedo to the effects of supplements like this, so I’m starting of with what gel caps. As far as seeing results, most people don’t notice actual change on their body for around a month (give or take a week or 2). Also, taking something like this with a stack of proteins or amino acids can be very effective in helping tone up the muscle while stripping the fat.


  • 7

    when do u see results from using thermo cla when only doing cardio and light weights?


  • 8
    rita seeter

    There are user testimonies up now on the gnc website.


  • 9
    Bill Mason

    How long can you take this ?



    can you take thermo cla if you take cholesterol pills, would it affect the medication.


  • 10
    Kit Telford

    I have high blood pressure and take medicines to keep it in control. Will taking the vitamin CLA jeopardize my high blood pressure?



    How long have you take CLA to see results?


    Your Name

    Did you ever find out the affects of this pill with controlled high blood pressure? I’m hypertensive and interested in using it


  • 11
    isabel saavedra

    ¿Cuantos mg.tiene de cada ingrediente ?me interesa saber especialmente por la cafeína , l- carnitina y´te verde



    I just bought thermo CLA, Epiburn Pro, and CLA PM on Easter. I’m shipping out for the Navy in 2 months and I couldn’t lose weight. I was doing everything right, between eating right and exercising so I bought these as a little boost. So to answer your question as to how fast it works… taking those pills in conjunction since Easter to today (04/15/2015) I lost 2% body fat. You should never really go by pounds when you weigh yourself because that’s subject to change for multiple reasons. The only downside from taking the thermogenic CLA is that when I did a lot of cardio my chest/heart felt like it was going to explode from racing so fast. So I would recommend any kind of CLA in conjunction with another weight loss pill (if it’s compatible), just be careful when you exercise.


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