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If you know what it is you are attempting to accomplish with your body, then you are on the right track to pinpointing a dietary supplement that suits you specifically. It is so important to really review each supplement formula in order to see what they aim to accomplish and what sort of ingredients they are made from. At this point, we are taking a peek at Thermo Dynamx, which is a capsule supplement offered by EAS. Actually, it was offered by EAS, but is unfortunately now out of production. Naturally there is minimal information provided on this product since it is discontinued.

The core purpose of Thermo Dynamx is to increase RME, which is resting metabolic rates (the average increase was five to ten percent). As revealed online through websites that once offered this supplement, both women and men could take Thermo Dynamx. In the vein of many other diet drugs and fat reduction supplements, this one was directed to be taken with regular exercise and a healthy diet plan. Over time this product was said to heighten regular fat burning and weight loss. Although it did endeavor to increase thermogenesis, there was no Ephedrine in Thermo Dynamx capsules.


Not available on the official website.

Product Features

In short, Thermo Dynamx supplements were pitched as a weight reduction formula that can increase resting metabolic rates by up to 20 percent. This essentially means a stronger metabolism and more calories burnt daily. Naturally a sensible diet is adopted in conjunction with taking Thermo Dynamx capsules, which also helps with fat reduction. Although some users may experience weight loss without regular exercise, it is highly likely to experience much more with exercise incorporated. There are no key active ingredients disclosed for Thermo Dynamx any longer, nor are there any ingredients at all. It is wise to consult a real physician prior to taking a product like this.

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  • Thermo Dynamx came in a convenient capsule formula that made it easy to take with water.
  • There was no prescription required with this dietary supplement.
  • This weight loss supplement may have been able to assist with thermo genesis.


  • There are no free trial samples of Thermo Dynamx offered at this time.
  • None of the primary ingredients for this weight loss product are disclosed for review.
  • Thermo Dynamx capsules have been discontinued and are no longer available through EAS.
  • Some of the components offered in this product may not have been suitable for all users.


When all is said and done, there is not a lot of reason to look at Thermo Dynamx capsules any longer. After all, this weight reduction supplement is no longer available. While it is nice to see that this supplement did aim to improve thermo genesis, none of the actual ingredients are revealed online. This would likely make those who suffer from allergies nervous about trying Thermo Dynamx. Fortunately there are countless other dietary supplements at your fingertips that aim to do what this EAS product did and more.

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