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Thermo Dynamyx by EAS is a fat burning supplement with a few proven ingredients. The product is not listed on the official website for some reason, but there are products listed that have been recalled, which we found interesting. The official ingredient list was pulled from a third party website, so there could be some ingredients not listed that are included in Thermo Dynamyx.

List of Ingredients

Green Tea, White Tea, Oolong Tea, Caffeine, Cayenne Fruit.

Product Features

After taking a look around the Internet, we found information that lead us to believe the Thermo Dynamyx product by EAS was no longer available. One main website that lists nearly every current fat burner for sale discontinued the product and no longer lists any information.

The ingredient list starts off strong with three forms of tea. Green tea is the main ingredient in proven weight loss supplements because clinical research has studied this natural, safe ingredient for decades. Green tea may improve a long list of health problems but it is the fat burning potential that impresses us the most. When taken in the right quantities, green tea can increase metabolism and weight loss over time. The amount of green tea in Thermo Dynamyx is not listed.

Caffeine is the next ingredient in Thermo Dynamyx. Caffeine is another ingredient a dieter will commonly see in a weight loss supplement. Caffeine increases heart rate and metabolism to increase weight loss. It also tends to increase hunger and works as a diuretic in the body, so the minimal dose of around 75 mg per serving is best. Again, the amount in Thermo Dynamyx is not listed but it could be far higher as most weight loss supplements tend to include 100 mg or more per serving. Too much caffeine can lead to jitters and nausea.

Cayenne fruit is the final ingredient. Recent studies have shown promise for this hot pepper in the area of fat burning. It seems that the heat of the cayenne tends to increase metabolism if only slightly.

There are no appetite suppressants in Thermo Dynamyx which is a huge oversight. Stimulants increase metabolism which leaves the body without enough carbohydrates so hunger kicks in. A weight loss supplement needs to have a strong appetite suppressant if it is going to improve weight loss.

Thermo Dynamyx was listed for $21.50 before being discontinued. This is far less than other fat burners with a similar ingredient list.

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  • The ingredient list includes all proven fat burners.
  • The price is lower than other supplements of the same quality.


  • Thermo Dynamyx is no longer available for sale.
  • The supplement could contain too much caffeine.
  • There is no appetite suppressant in Thermo Dynamyx.


Dieters would have seen at least some weight loss from taking this supplement before hunger took over. The idea of stimulating for weight loss is common, but today weight loss products often include an appetite suppressant to counteract the increased metabolism.

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