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Thermo FX Review - Does This Fitness Product Actually Work? Are insufficient ingredient and negative user reviews deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0
Thermo FX Review

Why are people talking about Thermo FX? We focused on ingredients, side effects, scientific research and quality of customer care. Plus we took a close look at hundreds of dieter comments and user reviews. Then, we refined and summarized to give you the info you need.

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What is Thermo FX?

To start, Thermo FX is weight-loss supplement containing caffeine, acetyl-l-carnitine hcl, l-carnitine l-tartrate, l-tyrosine, taurine, sodium and vitamin C. Take it 60 minutes before your workout and supposedly it helps boost energy levels. One benefit is portability of the product.

It’s unclear when Thermo FX was first released, but we found it’s made by Scitec Nutrition. It’s available to buy on the official website and through third-party retailers. We like that we found some positive comments and the low price, but read on…

Ineffective Ingredients – “Will it Actually Work?”

The first concern was the ineffectiveness of Thermo FX ingredients. According to our Research Editor, “Thermo FX contains the stimulant caffeine, but the amount per serving is only 80 milligrams, which is not enough to really improve energy levels, boost workout performance or enhance alertness.”

One customer revealed, “Thermo FX does not work as they claim it does. No results for me.”

Another user commented, “I can’t tell any difference in my endurance or metabolism, so I’m not buying Thermo FX again.”

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Customer Reviews – “Negative?”

We found numerous negative customer reviews posted online for Thermo FX. One person stated, “Can’t stand the Aspartame taste of this stuff. Not for me.”

“This product actually makes me feel nauseous, so I’m going to have to try something else,” said another customer.

Our research has proven that if there is some facet of a diet product or supplement that is very concerning or bothersome (insufficient ingredient amounts, negative user reviews, too many side effects) the probability of long-term weight loss success is low. Therefore if Thermo FX does in fact lead to a high number of negative user reviews, this could be a major issue.

Any Real Science?

Here at DietSpotlight, we need to see some documented clinical research that supports the product’s weight loss claims. Sadly, we could not find any clinical studies or solid science pertaining to Thermo FX. Therefore we are not sure this product actually works as claimed.

The Bottom Line – Does Thermo FX Work?

So, should you run out and buy Thermo FX? Well, we appreciate that this product contains some vitamins and amino acids, and we did find some positive comments about it online. However, we have some issues with it because it’s not backed by actual science. Furthermore, we’re concerned about the insufficient ingredient amounts and numerous negative user reviews we found posted online.

If you’d like to shed more weight, then we encourage you to go with a product that contains clinically proven ingredients, is backed by all sorts of encouraging user reviews and sells at a reasonable price.

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How Does Thermo FX Compare?

Previous Thermo FX Review (Updated January 1, 1970):

What You Should Know

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Thermo-FX is an effervescent fat burner that is dissolved in water. The product description suggests dissolving the tablet in 10 ounces of water about a half hour before working out. Pre-workout shakes tend to contain caffeine and other stimulants, which could pose a problem for some dieters and bodybuilders. If you are currently taking a stimulant supplement of any kind it would be best to skip that supplement when taking SciTec Thermo-FX as taking the two together could cause your heart rate to increase to dangerously high levels, not to mention the increase in blood pressure.

List of Ingredients

  • Tyrosine
  • Taurine
  • L-Carnitine
  • Acetyl L-Carnitine
  • Caffeine

Product Features

So, SciTec wants the bodybuilder, athlete, dieter or whoever needs an extra jolt before that next workout to throw a tablet laced with caffeine into a glass of water and drink before hitting the gym. The concept is not new, but the supplement misses the mark dramatically. We found the ingredient list on the official SciTec website. The ingredients are listed in a pseudo-label format, but we’re not sure if all the ingredients are listed – seems a bit skimpy. Here are the ingredient details for the two main ingredients. Tyrosine is added to most fat burners. It could decrease blood pressure to limit the effect of stimulants on the heart. Caffeine is the heart of the supplement. There is just 80mg of caffeine per serving for a total of 240mg of caffeine per day if the dieter chooses to take the full suggested amount. Most pre-workout supplements we review tend to get the nix because they contain too much caffeine, but Thermo-FX contains too little for the demographic the supplement is marketed toward. Bodybuilders need more caffeine than anyone else because they take so much of it. This supplement is not going to budge energy levels for someone who takes a lot of caffeine or drinks a few cups of coffee a day.

See Our Featured


  • All ingredients are online.
  • Contains caffeine – will increase energy for the caffeine-sensitive dieter.
  • Promotes water consumption.


  • May not increase energy for the user who is not caffeine sensitive.
  • May not taste great.
  • We found no testimonials online.
  • May not be available in the US.


Thermo-FX is not the best energy booster or pre-workout product available today, but it could increase metabolism and energy for someone who does not take a lot of caffeine. Even the product description lists the supplement as only a mild thermogenic.

Thermo FX Questions & Answers:

We looked at hundreds of reviews about Thermo FX to make this useful FAQ.

What are the side effects of Thermo FX?

Thermo FX side effects, based on customer comments, may include elevated heart rate, headache, nausea, and difficulty sleeping.

What are the ingredients in Thermo FX?

Thermo FX ingredients are caffeine, acetyl-l-carnitine hcl, l-carnitine l-tartrate, l-tyrosine, taurine, sodium and vitamin C.

Does Thermo FX work?

The makers of Thermo FX do not provide any clinical research data supporting their claims for the product. We did find solid science backing caffeine, but the findings don’t back this formula.

Think about what Thermo FX offers and considering switching it out with a supplement like Leptigen, which contains some clinically-tested ingredients shown to help you lose weight.

How much does Thermo FX cost?

Thermo FX costs $29.

How should I take Thermo FX?

You should take one Thermo FX packet 60 minutes prior to exercise.

Can I take Thermo FX if I have a health condition?

It’s important for women who are nursing or pregnant, people under 18, those taking prescription medication, and individuals with any other health condition to consult with their physician prior to taking a product like Thermo FX and other similar supplements.

What do users like about Thermo FX?

Some users did like the ability to get their L-Carnitine in liquid form.

What do users not like about Thermo FX?

Some users did not like the taste of Thermo FX.

How do I contact the Thermo FX customer service department?

You can contact the Thermo FX customer service department by calling 1-866-717-6653, sending messages through the feedback form or by mailing Scitec USA Inc. 17470 N. Pacesetter Way Scottsdale, AZ 85255.

What flavor is the Thermo FX drink?

The flavor of Thermo FX is blood orange.

Are there any free samples of Thermo FX available?

We were not able to find any free samples of Thermo FX.

Does Thermo FX come with a guarantee?

Thermo FX doesn’t offer any type of money back guarantee.

Do you know of any special deals or discounts on Thermo FX?

We are not currently aware of any deals or discounts on Thermo FX. However, customers can get a Special Trial Offer of Leptigen, which simply the cost of shipping and handling. Click here to give it a try.

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