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What You Should Know

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Thermo Shot sounds like a medical treatment someone would get at the doctor for weight loss, but it is nothing more than a weight loss supplement from Premier Nutrition. The ingredient list is published online, but all of the ingredients are in a proprietary blend with the total amount of each ingredient hidden. We are not even told the total weight of the proprietary blend, though caffeine is listed first so that is the most highly concentrated ingredient.

List of Ingredients


  • Caffeine
  • Taurine
  • Inositol
  • Fructus Evodiae
  • Hoodia Extract
  • Yerba Mate Extract
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract
  • Green Tea Extract
  • L-Taurine
  • 5-HTP

Product Features

Thermo Shot is a tiny supplement supplying less than two ounces of liquid. The shot is designed to be taken in one dose for increased energy and metabolism. The ingredient list is not new, but there are a couple proven ingredients in the formula.

Caffeine is the base ingredient for many thermogenic supplements. We’ve reviewed thermogenic supplements supplying from 50 to 400 mg of caffeine. The body starts reacting to caffeine at low doses, but the body also gets used to higher doses rather quickly. Just because 50 mg boosted your energy today does not mean it will next week. You’ll eventually have to take more to feel the same effect.

Green tea extract is another ingredient with clinical support and research to back weight loss claims. The two beneficial elements of green tea are EGCG and caffeine. EGCG is a non-stimulating metabolism booster found in both caffeinated and decaffeinated green tea extract.

The instructions for Thermo Shot say to take the shot before exercise, but the ingredients can also be used throughout the day to boost metabolism and energy. Dieters should not expect to see a dramatic change in weight from just taking the supplement. No matter how strong the results of any clinical study on caffeine or green tea, diet and exercise are required to increase weight loss.

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  • Thermo Shot contains two proven ingredients.
  • The shot is designed to be taken before exercise.
  • The ingredients may increase metabolism enough to impact weight loss.


  • Hoodia is an ineffective appetite suppressant.
  • The formula is all proprietary – the dieter has no idea how much caffeine or green tea they are taking.
  • Not all ingredients in the formula are clinically proven.


Thermo Shot is not much different from the energy shots sold in convenience and grocery stores. The ingredients are listed online, but there are no ingredient amounts. The dieter needs to know how much caffeine or green tea they are taking if they want to ensure they are taking the proven amount. There could also be too much caffeine causing some pretty nasty jitters and shakes.

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    How long before exercise do you take them?