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Recent studies have shown that coffee rates among America’s most popular morning beverages. People love to wake up to the warmth of a hot drink. But what if your morning beverage could help you lose weight, too? What if you could drink a warm cup of deliciousness every morning and weigh in pounds lighter within only a few weeks? Sounds like heaven, right? The Thermo Trim system is designed to do just that.

Thermo Trim is not coffee, but it does contain caffeine (and a number of other unpronounceable ingredients). It is served warm and comes in a variety of flavors. A product of New Zealand, Thermo Trim is advertised as a low-calorie diet drink intended to jump-start a healthy diet plan. The company claims that the drink fills you up and curbs your appetite, which in turn reduces cravings. The thermogenics in Thermo Trim allow the body to burn fat faster, increasing the speed of weight loss. The product is also supposed to boost users’ metabolism, which would allow for more effective exercise.

While this product sounds simple and convenient, users should know that Thermo Trim recommends that their drink be substituted for 1-2 meals a day. Consequently, you could end up eating only one normal meal a day. And while Thermo Trim advocates a healthy diet and exercise as the basis for their diet plan, one meal a day may or may not provide all of the body’s needed nutrients. Potential buyers should also know that Thermo Trim offers no money-back guarantee, and they offer no before and after pictures or testimonials to verify the product’s effectiveness.

List of Ingredients

Instant Whey protein concentrate, nonfat instant skim milk powder, flavorings, thermo trim extract herbal blend (Chremenate, Citrus aurantium extract, camellia sinensis extract, coleus forskholil extract, garnicia cambogia extract, paulinia cupana extract, ginger, potassium iodide, silicon dioxide), carrageenan, vitamin and mineral premix, xanthan gum, palm fat powder, L-carnitine, silicon dioxide, artificial sweetener(sucralose).

Product Features

Thermo Trim claims that within two weeks this product will promote weight loss by burning calories faster, increasing metabolism, and curbing cravings. Thermo Trim comes in chocolate or vanilla flavors, and the company recommends that it be mixed with either hot water or warm low-fat milk for a hot drink. They also suggest several recipes for milkshakes and fruit smoothies using Thermo Trim, to give users variety in their meal choices. A box of 20 sachets (a ten day supply) costs $55.90; however, the company provides free shipping.

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  • Fixing a cup of this product is simple – just add hot water or low-fat milk.
  • The product uses thermogenics to stimulate weight loss.
  • Thermo Trim advocates their product as a supplement to healthy eating and exercise.


  • The product must be substituted for meals.
  • The list of ingredients is long and unpronounceable.
  • No before and after pictures or testimonials validate effectiveness.
  • The product is expensive and no money-back guarantee is offered.
  • The product contains caffeine, a stimulant.


While Thermo Trim deserves applause for its use of thermogenics to stimulate weight loss, its long list of unpronounceable ingredients could be cause for concern. And while the company does advocate healthy eating and exercise as part of this diet plan, the substitution of Thermo Trim for healthy foods is a source of concern.

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