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Developed in the UK, Thermobol is a diet supplement pill that is advertized to give maximum results. If you are seeking to lose weight as well as build up an impressive physique, Thermobol may be a product you have looked into. Thermobol claims to work most effectively with a realistic diet plan and intense exercise. The ingredients are herb based and contain caffeine to jump start the body. The product is ideally taken about thirty minutes before a rigorous exercise routine in order to make the work out more effective. Supposedly, Thermodol helps to speed up the process of weight loss which can sometimes take a long period of time with just diet and exercise. Unfortunately, there are not before or after pictures to show how well the pill has worked, though there are several positive reviews.

List of Ingredients

Bitter Orange Peel (Citrus Aurantium), L-Tyrosine, Caffeine, Green Tea extract (90% polyphenols), Guarana seed power, Bioperine® (Black pepper extract).

Product Features

Thermobol should be taken by mouth three times a day without going over the suggested dosage. Several reviews can be found online of it being an effective contribution to a weight loss program. The product claims to have won several awards including the Men’s Health Supplements award in 2009. One of the chemicals in the orange peel ingredient is synephrine which some web sites say is closely related to ephedra, a banned chemical. However, most sites admit that synephrine has not been proven harmful. The supplements green tea and caffeine ingredients undoubtedly contribute to some weight loss. Thermodol costs about $57 for a month’s supply.

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  • This supplement contains caffeine which has been proven to contribute to some weight loss.
  • The product is easily found on line.
  • Thermodol claims to have won awards.


  • This product seems to ignore the benefits of a healthy diet and regular exercise as the major factors of weight loss.
  • Several sites have called the claims that Thermodol has won awards scams and says that there is no proof that such awards ever existed.
  • Thermodol has reportedly caused very severe side affects such as heart palpitations and severe hot spells according to several reviews.
  • Thermodol advertizes that it works best with an extreme work out program, but this may be difficult for many people trying to lose weight.
  • Thermodol is quite expensive.


If you are looking to lose weight, Thermodol may not be the most effective product for you if you are not used to intense exercise. If you are used to intense work outs, you know the benefits of working out to weight loss without extra supplements. To be balanced and healthy, it may be best to stay away from a product like this that carries the risk of harmful side effects and does not focus on a good diet and exercise routine to accomplish goals.

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2 User Reviews about Thermobol

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    I’ve used this product before and yes with diet and exercise this is amazing. After just 2mths of using this product I lost 1st and half and it improved my fitness loads. Using it with out going to the gym your still losing weight but not as dramatic. I used T5 after this product and there is massive side affects with it but with themobol I had non just a load of energy I needed to burn. So I HIGHLY recommend it


  • 2
    Steeven John

    I love thermobol very much i have got good result compare to other products.