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Thermochrome is one of the newer weight loss drugs on the market and has been highly advocated by some groups as being very helpful in achieving and maintaining your desired weight. While this testimony is loudly proclaimed, a lot of good hard evidence is still lacking to prove that this specific weight loss pill will actually assist in getting rid of unnecessary weight.

Thermochrome has some very good ingredients included in its wide array of herbs. Green Tea, Yerba Mate, and Theobroma Cacao are well known for their properties in weight loss programs. The additional vitamins and other minerals are helpful in boosting overall health and can be quite useful in making sure that you remain healthy. Of course, you can find plenty of weight loss pills with these various ingredients included in them.

Thermochrome works primarily by stimulating thermogenesis. This is very helpful for weight loss and Thermochrome comes in a variety of different types so that you can choose what is best for your body.

List of Ingredients

Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Chromium, Pantothenic Acid, Magnesium, Guarana Seed, HoodiaPure, L-Tyrosine, Ginger Root, Advantra Z, Green Tea, Yerba Mate, DMAE, Theobroma Cacao.

Product Features

Thermochrome comes with a variety of vitamins and minerals that allow you to assure yourself of a healthy weight loss pill.

The primary method of weight loss with Thermochrome is thermogenesis. Lipolysis is an additional method that is employed by this specific pill. This method burns fat quickly, allowing your metabolism to increase in speed.

Finally, Thermochrome comes with Advantra and Hoodia Pure, two specific chemicals that have been found to assist greatly in reducing appetites.

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  • Thermochrome is full of vitamins and minerals that can assist in the general duties that your body needs to perform.
  • There are several good appetite suppressing drugs included in Thermochrome, such as Hoodia Pure and Advantra, which are renowned for their properties.
  • Advertising techniques have made Thermochrome quite available to the public and also very desirable.


  • Thermochrome has not yet been used enough to show whether its benefits are long-term effects, or if they will only benefit for a short period of time.
  • This weight loss pill combines a variety of chemicals and minerals, but better combinations have been found and employed in the fight against weight gain.
  • The manufacturers of Thermochrome have managed to make its price quite high, making it hard for the average consumer to be able to purchase this drug on a regular basis.
  • The creators of Thermochrome do not seem to advocate, in any way, a regulated exercise and diet program. Instead, they believe that their pill can do all the work while achieving long-term effects.


While Thermochrome may be a good pill due to its wide array of vitamins and minerals, it is too expensive for the average person to be able to test it out. It is difficult to find and can only be purchased on select websites. Its combination of minerals can be found in other products, especially if combined properly. All in all, it may be best to try to find a weight loss pill that allows you to see more testimonials of the work it has achieved or else one that offers you a money-back offer guarantee.

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9 User Reviews about Thermochrome

  • 1

    can you take thermochrome if you take synthroid?


  • 2
    Dan Mc

    Does it still contain Ma Huang. Stopped taking it after they took an ingredient out for being harmful to people. It really helped me lose weight. Didn’t seem to work after that.


  • 3

    Comment on Thermochrome, it is a PART of Market America’s weight loss/management system. It is not a drug, but a supplement. Sorr K hodge and Carol, we no longer carry ThermoChrome 1000, the TC Booster or the TC Select. What we do offer is a way to reprogram your thinking, live healthier through low glycemic impact eating along with physical activity and supplementation we can help you reach your goals. The thermochrome we carry now has had more scientific research behind it, you can go to and my # will be listed if you want any help or assistance.


    Dan Mc

    Yeah MLM company my Dad was involved in scam company doesn’t allow you to be involved with other businesses. My Dad lost money in that!


  • 4
    k hodge

    where can i order ThermoChrome 10000 from? and ThermoChrome TC Booster?


  • 5

    In response to the 4th bulleted disadvantage, the makers of thermocrome absolutely recommend this product as an addition to the transitions lifestyle system which incorporates eating well, exercising and education. Though it may work without diet and exercise it says right on the bottle to use in conjunction with the transitions lifestyle system.



    Amy – which Thermochrome do you use? Mfg? Brand (Advantra Z?) Where do you purchase? Thank you,



    I did not know ThermoChrome was still around! I used it in the early 90s to lose weight after my 3rd baby. It worked fabulously! But they took the MaHaung out of it and it was never the same again. The ThermoChrome Select appears to be the one I used to take. (I sold it like crazy too)But I do not know where to find it. Do you??


  • 6
    Chris Fuerer