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The Fresh Start Thermogenic Diet is a book that was written by a woman named Cathi Grahm. This is a book that explains how the Fresh Start Thermogenic Diet actually works. In this review we will try and review the information that has been supplied to us in order to determine if this particular diet actually has some kind of relevance to the weight loss theory that has been presented to us through this book.


The Fresh Start Thermogenic Diet book.

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This book appears to be about teaching someone how to utilize different types of thermogenic foods that include things like hot peppers, apple cider vinegar, salsa, and celery. It is said that these particular foods can help you lose weight regardless of what kind of body type you may have. One of the other features about this diet that the book highlights is that is based on low to moderate amounts of carbohydrate consumption. However, it appears that there may be a difference between this diet and other low carb or no carb type diets. In this one it appears that you may be able to choose which type of diet you want to do. It could be either the low carb which has more severe restrictions, or you can choose the moderate one that appears to allow you to be able to continue to eat carbs that are considered to be whole grain and low glycemic. Some of the choices that you may have would be something like wheat bread instead of white bread, or brown rice as opposed to white rice. It was also noted on the website that it may include a special program that helps people to deal with emotional eating along with a diet plan that has been formulated to fit your body’s specific needs.

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  • This particular diet seems to be presented in such a way that it appears to be a very comprehensible program.
  • There is a great possibility that you can and will lose weight.
  • This diet promotes a healthy lifestyle that may be able to keep up with even after your goal weight has been achieved.


  • You will not be able to eat fast foods while on this diet.
  • Since this is an actual lifestyle change it may take longer than you want to achieve your anticipated results.
  • Some people are not looking for a complete change of lifestyle, they are looking for fast results.


This book appears to promote a diet that may very well be an easier and less drastic change in eating habits due to the fact that you are allowed to substitute certain foods instead of completely eliminating them. However, it does involve a complete lifestyle change and the results will not be immediate because they will be achieved at what doctors tend to believe is a healthy pace. Some people are just not willing to commit to a change in lifestyle or they tend to want immediate results.

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