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Thermogenic foods is a diet that is based on the theory that there are certain types of foods that you can eat that can and will work with your body to increase your core temperature, therefore increasing your metabolism and your fat burning capabilities. In this review we will try to explore this theory a little bit and try to see if it holds any kind of relevance that may be related to weight loss.

There are certain types of foods that are said to be thermogenic. Now, you may be wondering exactly what some of these foods that may contain these thermogesic capabilities. Well, there are some foods that are considered to be thermogesic that are spicy. Some of these foods may be chili peppers, cayenne, and mustard cider. Then we found more listed somewhere else. The ones that we found on one particular list is what is said to be a list of lean proteins that are said to have thermogesic capabilities. This list consists of chicken breasts, turkey breasts, game meats (such as venison), bison or buffalo, very lean red meat such as top round and lean sirloin, almost all types of shellfish, and egg whites. One more thing that may be considered is green tea. It is also supposed to have thermogesic capabilities that may also be available in other types of teas as well. So, it appears as though there may be a fairly good range of foods that are available to us as thermogenic foods that may have the capabilities to actually burn fat.


Foods that increase the body’s natural fat burning.

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What is meant by thermogenic is foods that may be eaten that could very well increase your core temperature, thus causing your metabolism to increase, which enables your body to burn more calories than it normally would if you would have not eaten such foods. It is believed by some that if you are to eat or drink these certain foods that your body will actually be able to burn fat and calories by utilizing the foods that are actually put into your body. This theory actually sounds like a good idea. There are weight loss supplements that are being sold all over the world today that claim to have thermogenic capabilities. Some of them are patented, and even scientifically and clinically proven. If they are scientifically proven, then that means that the actual thermogenic process itself has been documented.

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  • It appears as though most of the foods that are available with this plan actually may be tasty and they will not lack flavor due to the fact that some of the thermogenic foods are actually spices themselves.


  • There was no hard evidence found that may support the idea of weight loss via thermogenic foods.


If someone wanted to try this diet, I would tell them to go ahead. The reason is because you can eat foods that are tasty and good for you, and even if it doesn’t work you are not out any money like you would be if you bought and expensive supplement if it fails to work. However, it may be best to use this diet in conjunction with a patented and proven product such as Avexin if you want definite results.

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    My boyfriend and I made french onion soup with, yellow onions, beef broth, chianti, worechestersire sauce, thyme and bay leaves. We left it to slow cook overnight, when we ate it we got a heat rush and instant sweat pouring off of us. Is it something we combined to become a thermogen?