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Thermogize is a weight loss supplement that uses the theory of thermogenesis to help with rapid weight loss. The manufacturers of Thermogize claim that the weight loss supplement will help to boost metabolism levels and increase energy levels. This will cause the body to rapidly burn fat and calories, aiding in rapid weight loss.

While the drug is similar to many other on the market, they manufacturers claim that product gives true results. The product will help to increase appetite, raise the metabolism, and increase energy levels.

Thermogize is a natural, herbal supplement. The manufacturer’s claim that the product is 100% natural and will help to naturally increase thermogenesis in the body as well as increase energy levels.

List of Ingredients

The manufacturers of Thermogize claim that their product is 100% all natural. The ingredients include green tea, garcinia, gymnema, and hoodia. Thermogize also has large amounts of sugar and caffeine.

Product Features

Thermogize incorporates thermo genesis into their dieting aid supplement. By increasing the metabolism, Thermogize is able to raise the body’s levels to burn off excess fat and calories. This aids in rapid weight loss.

Thermogize also acts as a pick me up. By increasing the appetite and raising metabolism levels, you will see increases in energy throughout the day.

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  • Boosts energy levels, giving added energy throughout the day.
  • Cleanses bodily functions and raises metabolism levels. By raising metabolism, Thermogize is able to help with rapid weight loss.
  • Thermogize incorporates the theory of thermogenesis into their weight loss supplement.


  • Thermogize uses large amounts of sugar and caffeine in their dieting supplement. While the sugar and caffeine aid in raising energy levels, they rapidly drop off later in the day causing fatigue or a “crash” feeling. Also, large amounts of caffeine can be a health risk for many people.
  • Thermogize is not approved by the FDA.
  • The manufacturers fail to provide before and after pictures of users as well as customer’s bios.
  • Thermogize’s claims of rapid weight loss may be exaggerated claims.


Thermogize incorporates the use of thermogenesis in their weight loss supplement. By raising energy levels and metabolism levels, Thermogize seeks to make the body work harder in order to burn fat and calories. The manufacturers claim that their product is 100% natural and incorporates several all natural and nutritious elements into their mixture.

While Thermogize claims to stand out from the rest of the competition, the fact that they are not approved by the FDA can be a deterrent for many people. Also, with large doses of caffeine and sugar, many people may not react well to the drug. For those looking for a safe and reliable fast weight loss supplement, Thermogize may not be the best choice.

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