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What You Should Know

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ThermoLean Extreme is a new and improved version of ThermoLean PM. The weight loss supplement incorporates the theory of thermo genesis. This seeks to raise the body’s metabolism levels. By raising metabolism levels, the body works harder to burn fat and calories. This results in rapid weight loss.

The manufacturers of ThermoLean Extreme claim that their weight loss supplement is 100% all natural. Through the uses of vitamins, minerals, and other organic ingredients, they claim to have created a safe and reliable weight loss supplement.

ThermoLean Extreme can also be uses as a natural energy booster. Do to large amounts of sugar and caffeine, the weight loss supplement is able to supply energy for hours on end.

List of Ingredients

The manufacturers have failed in publish a full list of ingredients. However, 7-Keto Dhea, a new compound which boosts thermo genesis, Hoodia, Magnolia Bark, Caffeine, Sugar, Green Tea Extract, and Synephrine are all known ingredients.

Product Features

ThermoLean Extreme seeks to use thermo genesis in order to boost rapid weight loss. Through the use of a new compound called 7-Keto Dhea, the manufacturers have created a weight loss supplement that boosts the metabolism and encourages the body to burn fat and calories.

The manufacturers also claim that their weight loss product can be taken as an energy supplement. With large amounts of caffeine and sugar, ThermoLean Extreme provides the right combination for hours of energy.

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  • ThermoLean Extreme uses the theory of thermo genesis in order to boost the metabolism, encouraging the body to rapidly burn fat. This aids in rapid weight loss.
  • The drug has undergone numerous clinical trials.
  • The manufacturers are currently offer free shipping with any purchase of their products.


  • ThermoLean Extreme incorporates large amounts of caffeine and sugar into their weight loss supplement. This can be a health concern for many people. Also, large amounts of caffeine in not good for the body.
  • ThermoLean Extreme can be used as an energy supplement, however with large amounts of sugar and caffeine, you will experience a “crash” of energy when the caffeine wears off.
  • The manufacturers are not entirely clear on all of the ingredients found in ThermoLean Extreme.
  • The manufacturers website fails to provide before and after pictures.


ThermoLean Extreme is a product that seeks to use thermo genesis to accomplish its rapid weight loss goals. By boosting the metabolism and other body levels, the supplement seeks to aid in rapid weight loss as well as suppressing the appetite.

With an unconfirmed ingredient list and large amounts of sugar and caffeine in the mixture, ThermoLean Extreme may not be the best weight loss drug for those seeking to lose weight.

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