Thermonex EF Review

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What You Should Know

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When it comes to weight loss, you may be confused about where to get started. Well, you should always remember that a healthy eating plan and regular exercise are a great start. While this may not be enough to make you reach your goal weight, it will certainly put you on the right track, and help you shed some unwanted pounds. A dietary supplement can be added to this lifestyle in order to hurry things along or give you an extra edge. One product to consider is Thermonex EF capsules. This is a supplement that is advertised as the most advanced thermogenic on the market. It is available for a retail rate of $45.99, and can be taken by women and men.


  • Caffeine Anyhydrous: 250mg
  • Green Tea Extract: 375mg
  • Octopamine HCL: 200mg
  • Evodiamine: 40mg
  • Yerba Mate: 200mg
  • Synephrine: 20mg
  • Naringin: 50mg
  • L-Tyrosine: 300mg
  • Diiodotyrosine: 100mcg
  • odotyrosone: 100mcg
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Gelatin

Product Features

Thermonex EF is supposed to reduce excess water beneath your skin, enhance mood, provide sustained energy, regulate insulin levels, suppress hunger, boost the metabolism, improve performance, increase lean muscle mass, and encourage fat burning. This product can be taken two or three times each day (three capsules each time), and is best taken before major meals or exercising. You will find some user feedback for this supplement on dealer websites.

The ingredients used in Thermonex EF capsules are Caffeine, Green Tea, Evodiamine, Yerba Mate, L-Tyrosine, and Synephrine. Keep in mind that Caffeine and Green Tea are both stimulants, and may lead to some side effects. These ingredients are incorporated to boost the metabolism and energy levels. As for Synephrine, this functions in a similar manner to Ephedra. In other words, it aims to increase thermo genesis, but may lead to serious side effects at the same time.

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  • Thermonex EF may enhance mood and mental awareness.
  • User reviews are posted on dealer websites for review.


  • A lot of caffeine is found in this weight loss formula.
  • The Synephrine used in this diet pill is similar to Ephedra.
  • Several users complain that Thermonex EF causes side effects.
  • There is no 100% satisfaction guarantee provided.
  • Other weight loss products are safer alternatives.


If you take the time to research the ingredient Synephrine, you will see that it is similar to Ephedra or Ephedrine. In other words, it is not safe to take, and may lead to serious side effects. Therefore we do not recommend Thermonex EF as a safe weight loss formula. Furthermore, there are some customer complaints regarding side effects, which can be found online. On a final note, this diet product contains high levels of caffeine, which is a stimulant and diuretic.

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