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Thermophoric, made by Spectra Force Research, is just one more diet pill that is available on the market, that like many others, claim to suppress the appetite while changing the stored fat within the body into a primary fuel source. These diet tablets also have been reported to contain an innovative formula that causes fat burning like no other, but in reality, many diet pills contain the same promises. With a few ingredients that have been reported to help with weight loss, there are some ingredients that have been claimed to be rather dangerous, and these are accompanied with outrageous claims of huge amounts of weight loss.


Alongside caffeine and synephrine, Thermophoric also contains yohimbe and L-phenylalanine. L-phenylalanine is reported to have weight loss properties and the caffeine will help you to stay awake for a lot longer.

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Yohimbe is a plant extract from a tree originating in Africa called the Yohimbine. There have been some rather adverse reactions reported with this ingredient, most commonly used as an aphrodisiac and among the side effects include unpredictable effects on the users blood pressure, renal failure, anxiety and in some cases death. These findings have been discovered by the FDA and it has been commented that the tablets are likely to be banned at some point in the future, because of the adverse reactions that some of the ingredients can cause. It does have its advantages, however, as synephrine has been linked to weight loss in a positive manner and the caffeine contained within Thermophoric is known to increase levels of physical and mental energy. However, with a main ingredient that is considered to be fairly dangerous, there are no real positives to Thermophoric as a weight loss supplement.

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  • Fairly cheap at around $30 per 120 tablets.


  • Thermophoric contains numerous stimulants which may cause a jittery feeling in some people.
  • We can’t seem to find an official website for this product. It is featured on numerous third party websites however.
  • Thermophoric contains Yohimbe which is an unusual ingredient for weight loss products. This ingredient is found in sexual dysfunction supplements.


Thermophoric is basically a supplement with some vitamins and stimulants. It is possible that this combination will help you lose weight but the inclusion of Yohimbe seems very unusual. We can’t ascertain why this common erectile dysfunction ingredient would be present in a weight loss supplement. Due to the risk of side effects with Yohimbe and all the stimulants, we can’t recommend Thermophoric at this time and recommend finding a weight loss supplement that combines a well known appetite suppressant such as Hoodia with a powerful fat burner.

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