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Thermosculpt Review - Does This Fat Burner Actually Work? Are dangerous ingredient and lack of availability deal breakers?

Editor's Review: 3.9 / 5.0


A diet product’s worth depends on whether it actually helps people lose weight. Let’s find out if Thermosculpt really works. We did some serious research and created an in-depth review, looking closely at this product’s side effects, ingredients, customer-service quality and scientific studies. Furthermore, we scanned hundreds of user reviews and comments from around the web. Lastly, we summarized and compressed the information we found to give you the facts you need.

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What You Need To Know

First of all, Thermosculpt is a stimulant-free dietary supplement for women and men alike. It is advertised as all natural, and it’s claimed to burn off fat, build lean muscle and increase overall performance. You need to take 2-4 softgels per day (1-2 softgels 30 minutes before your two largest meals), along with a minimum of 64 ounces of water. Regular exercise and a low-calorie diet plan are also encouraged with Thermosculpt. This product contains the following ingredients: Advantra Z (contains Synephrine), Glucosol, ChromeMate, Vanadium, Zinc Oxide and Vitamin B5.

We are uncertain when Thermosculpt was initially released. After all, there is no official website for this diet product. On the other hand, Thermosculpt does contain natural ingredients and a healthy lifestyle is encouraged with this supplement, but read on…

Dangerous Ingredient – Is it Even Safe?

According to our Research Editor, “Thermosculpt contains Advantra Z, which is basically Bitter Orange, and this ingredient contains Synephrine. Unfortunately Synephrine mimics the effects of Ephedra (a banned diet pill ingredient), and it may lead to side effects such as heart palpitations, dizziness, nausea, headache, high blood pressure, fainting and even heart attack or stroke.”

One user commented, “This stuff is intense. It made my heart race, so I stopped using it.”

“I had a bad reaction to Thermosculpt. Too many side effects and not enough weight loss,” said another customer.

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Lack of Availability – Another Concern

From what we gathered, Thermosculpt does not have a company website and there are very few online dealers who sell this product. Naturally this makes Thermosculpt very hard to come by. In fact, one person commented, “Where do you actually buy this product? Can’t find it anywhere online!”

Another individual stated, “Thermosculpt is not even available. Can’t find a website or anything.”

The extensive research we’ve conducted has shown if there is some particular part of a weight loss pill or diet program that is very troublesome (dangerous ingredients, lack of availability, high price) the odds of long-term success are not good. Therefore if Thermosculpt is very difficult for people to find, this could prove to be a deal breaker.

What About Actual Science?

Unfortunately we could not find any clinical studies or scientific research that supports the weight loss claims pertaining to Thermosculpt. This is not a good sign, and for us at DietSpotlight, we need to see some concrete science before we can believe a product’s weight loss claims.

The Bottom Line: Does Thermosculpt Work?

So, should you run out and buy Thermosculpt? Well, we like that this product contains natural ingredients and it provides some vitamins and minerals. But we have some doubts about Thermosculpt because it’s not supported by any real science. Also, we’re concerned about the dangerous ingredient used in Thermosculpt, as well as this product’s lack of availability online.

If you’d like to drop more weight, then we suggest you choose a product that does not contain any dangerous ingredients, is easy to purchase online at any time and contains clinically proven ingredients for weight loss.

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How Does Thermosculpt Compare?

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What You Should Know

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Thermosculpt is produced by a company called 4 your Health. There does not appear to be an official website for this product but, those who are selling it online do give product information about Thermosculpt. The ingredients in Thermosculpt can be found in a large number of other weight loss products for sale on the market. One of the main active ingredients in Thermosculpt is Advantra Z. Advantra Z is otherwise known as Citrus Aurantium or Synephrine, and it was at one time thought to be a safe alternative to the dangerous stimulant Ephedrine. It is, however, now causing concern amongst some weight loss experts who believe that it may increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack. Thermosculpt also contains Vanadium, Vitamin B5 and Chromium which are all extremely popular ingredients in weight loss products today.


The ingredients in Thermosculpt consist of Vanadium,
Glucosol, Advantra Z, Zinc Oxide, Chromium, Vitamin B5, Octopamine, Hordenine, Tyramine and N-Methyl Tyramine.

Product Features

Thermosculpt is sold online for the price of $35.99 for 90 capsules. Those who market and sell Thermosculpt tell us that it contains ingredients that function to burn fat, build lean muscle and promote weight loss. They also claim that it is a safe and potent fat fighting product. We are told that you should take one to two capsules of Thermosculpt half an hour before your two largest meals, and that the best results are achieved with consistent use. Those selling this product also tell us that anyone who has any kind of medical problem should seek their physician's advice before using this product. As Thermosculpt contains Citrus Aurantium, anyone who has a heart or blood pressure product would be well advised not to use Thermosculpt.

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  • A comprehensive list of ingredients for Thermosculpt is listed by those who sell this product online.
  • Thermosculpt can be ordered directly online.
  • It does not contain Ephedrine.


  • There does not appear to be a money back guarantee if you purchase Thermosculpt.
  • There is no official website for Thermosculpt.
  • The ingredients in Thermosculpt can be found in a whole host of other weight loss products that are for sale today.
  • Some experts warn that Citrus Aurantium can increase the risk of a stroke or heart attack.


There are some serious safety concerns regarding Citrus Aurantium which is a featured ingredient in Thermosculpt. We would certainly like to see manufacturers leaving this ingredient out of their products until there are the results of more conclusive studies on this substance. Thermosculpt should definitely be avoided by anyone suffering from a heart condition or who has blood pressure concerns. Also, we would probably be more inclined to check out Thermosculpt if the manufacturer's customer service policies were a bit more customer friendly.

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  • 1
    Cherel Kluck

    I have tried your product for 2 days. What ever is in it is reacting on me in Avery bad way. I can not handle caffeine so the amount must be awfully high. Total goo is also making me ill. I do not want any more sent to me of either product sent to me. Please contact me by email so I know you understand my request. Cherel Kluck


    Candace (Editor)

    Hi, Cherel. Sorry but we are not affiliated with Thermosculpt. You must contact the company directly.


  • 2

    i do not recommend this product to anyone. I took it for the first time today and feel absolutely awful. I spent the whole day sweating, feeling dehydrated even though I was drinking water constantly, having constant heart palpitations, nausea and just feeling sick. I wish I would’ve researched it more before I took it because it is not worth it when it could kill you. The ad I saw about it included Hillary Duff taking it who is the same height and about the same weight as me and so it is targeting women when it is clearly not safe for wornen who have this small of body. I wasn’t looking to lose a significant amount of weight just 15 pounds to be at the healthy range for my height. But this product is not for it and frankly I do not recommend for any one at any age, height, or weight. It has dangerous ingredients and risky side effects. If you’re really looking to lose weight talk to your doctor to have them help make a safe and realistic weight loss plan.


  • 3

    Where can get Thermoscupt in SA?please we realy need it.


  • 4

    is this belt for real, I’ve been waist training for two months and no results. I work out and eat healthy but my love handles and belly there is no difference. I’ve wasted money on a lot of products. does your belt and where can I find it and do I nèed to take tablets as well?


  • 5

    Where can I find / buy thermosculp


    Arnold (Editor)

    Please visit the site for more information.


  • 6
    patience Thipanyane

    I had a baby 7 months ago. So I wanna lose my belly. Where do I get the belt living in Johannesburg, Soweto and how much is it?


    Devon (Editor)

    Unfortunately, Patience, there isn’t an official site so ordering it can be challenging though there are sellers online.


  • 7

    I want to loose my belly fat


  • 8

    How can we get this belt in SA. …. and how much?


  • 9

    How much does Thermosculpt cost?


  • 10

    where do I get it from Durban and how much does it cost?


  • 11

    i thought this belt is so good, i would like to know the price of the belt i’m staying in cape town .


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