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Thermoshred is a thermogenic fat burner used by bodybuilders to reduce body fat and improve the sharpness and shred of their muscles before competition. Thermoshred can only be used for a very short period of time as the ingredients are so strong they need to be taken in limited use. MuscleTech is the manufacturer of Thermoshred. The company offers information on the product via the official website.

List of Ingredients

Incinerate: Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Guarana, Yerba Mate, Themobroma Cacao.

Hydroshred: Dandelion, Juniper, Parsley, Cayenne, Xanthaninol Nicotinate.

Neuro-Tech: N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine, Quercetin, Gynostemma, Vinopocetine.

Product Features

The ingredients in Thermoshred have one thing in mind – increase heart rate and decrease water retention. This combination is common in competition bodybuilding supplements as creatine tends to cause water retention. Creatine is used during the building cycle of bodybuilding to build muscle mass, but the water retention can leave muscles looking swollen. By competition time, the bodybuilder needs to shed that extra water and thus the Hydroshred complex.

Hydroshred is packed with diuretics. Diuretics force fluid out of the body, but it does not stop at just the extra fluid. Dehydration can quickly occur and there have been cases where death has resulted in the bodybuilding community from taking too many diuretics.

The Incinerate complex in Thermoshred is a caffeine-based ingredient list. Green tea is an effective fat burner and is often combined with caffeine to increase heart rate and burn fat. In addition to the green tea and caffeine, Thermoshred include guarana, yerba mate and theobroma – all sources of caffeine or caffeine-like effects in the body. This supplement may work for people who drink a lot of caffeine, but those sensitive to stimulants may find the supplement too strong. The Neuro-Tech portion of the supplement is supposed to help the bodybuilder concentrate on the workout and may provide some support in that area.

Dieters wishing to lose weight will find a good source of stimulation in Thermoshred, but that does not mean the supplement is for everyone. The large amount of stimulants in the supplement may leave some dieters feeling jittery and nauseous. In addition, too much caffeine to stimulant can lead to irregular heart rate and caffeine overdose in dieters who do not intake high levels of caffeine on a regular basis.

Thermoshred sells for around $30 for a 150 capsule bottle.

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  • Contains several strong fat burners and stimulants.
  • Information is easy to find online.


  • Overstimulation is a possibility.
  • Caffeine overdose could occur in people sensitive to caffeine.
  • The Neuro-Tech complex is not going to increase weight loss.
  • The product is aimed at bodybuilders.


If you are trying to shred your body for a bodybuilding competition, Thermoshred may be the answer. It is likely that you would have used strong stimulants already so the effect of Thermoshred may be ideal. If you are sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants, Thermoshred is just too strong for use. There are no appetite suppressants in the supplement which will leave dieters hungry.

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