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Many people try to target specific areas when it comes to exercise and weight loss. Some examples are the thighs, stomach, hips, and legs. Women especially aim to shed excess fat from the thigh and buttocks areas. Fortunately there are fitness devices and exercise equipment to assist with this. The product we are going to scrutinize in this review is the Thigh Toner. This is a piece of fitness equipment that is manufactured by Bally Total Fitness, and it is geared toward women. You can find this product on the official As Seen on TV website, as well as through several other online distributors and fitness equipment stores.


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Product Features

Squeeze your way to fitness! This is the official slogan or pitch for the Thigh Toner. As you may have seen on infomercials, this product is basically a compact device that can be positioned between the knees or behind a single knee. You simply press the two padded sides of the device together, and it provides resistance, which in turn works your muscles. The Thigh Toner can help you tone up the inner and outer thighs. It sells for around $15, and comes with a fitness guide, as well as a two-week membership to Bally Total Fitness.

According to the main website, you can use the Thigh Toner to strengthen muscles in your thighs, hips, upper arms, chest, stomach, lower arms, upper back, and buttocks. As you may recall, this product was advertised by the celebrity, Suzanne Somers. Just to be clear, men can use the Thigh Toner, but it is marketed more at women. It does not look like any special diet or meal plan is recommended with this fitness device. No supplement formulas are sold with the Thigh Toner either.

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  • The official website does offer a return policy.
  • This product is very compact, and should be convenient to use.
  • Some women may appreciate that this device targets the thighs.


  • There is no real cardiovascular exercise involved with the Thigh Toner.
  • This product is not supported by success stories.
  • There are no weight loss supplements involved with this fitness tool.
  • No special diet plan is mentioned with the Thigh Toner.


In the end, the Thigh Toner is simply a device that may assist some people with exercising their inner and outer thighs. This product is not really conducive to serious weight loss. After all, there is no special diet plan or cardio workout routine involved with the Thigh Toner. Therefore it is unlikely that this fitness tool will help you lose a significant amount of unwanted body fat. Also, there are no diet supplements used with the Thigh Toner either.

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