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The weight loss and fitness markets are certainly loaded with new and innovative exercise tools and machines. Although some of these may seem a tad redundant and gimmicky, others are quite effective at helping men and women shed unwanted pounds. A lot comes down to what exercise device or program you enjoy using. After all, if you will use it regularly, and it works, you can lose weight and stay fit. This brings us to the ThighGlider, which is fitness tool sold online through the official website. This exercise device is primarily marketed toward women, and it is claimed to help you tone your hips, thighs, and buttocks.

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Product Features

The ThighGlider is a fitness or exercise device that consists of a small steel frame with two kneepads, a handle bare with two grips, as well as a resistance band. According to the official website, you receive two stop wedges, two resistance cords, four levels of resistance, one red upper body band, and Corena’s 3-workout DVD when you purchase the ThighGlider. You can try this product for only $14.95 (plus shipping fees) for 30 days. There are two before and after photos of women presented on the official website.

Like many other workout devices and machines, the ThighGlider was featured on TV infomercials. There is even a video clip of this product found on the main website. Some TV networks it was featured on are Oxygen, Fox, ABC, Fit TV, TLC, NBC, Discovery Health, Lifetime, Bravo, and Hallmark Channel. The actual cost of the ThighGlider is $159.99, and when you purchase it, you additionally receive free upper body bands, as well as free priority processing. There is an FAQ section provided on the main website to assist you with common questions. Also, the ThighGlider does come with a 90-day warranty, as well as a 30-day refund option.

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  • The ThighGlider can easily be used in your own home.
  • This workout device may help tone your thighs, butt, and hips.


  • There are only two before and after photos presented on the official website.
  • There is no healthy eating plan recommended with ThighGlider.
  • This device is primarily geared toward women.
  • The ThighGlider may not be very effective for burning off calories.


There are so many workout products on the market today that are similar to the ThighGlider. Many of these products promise thinner thighs and firmer buttocks for women. While the ThighGlider may be able to assist women with working out their legs and buttocks, this product is unlikely to burn off major calories and truly aid with weight loss. It may make more sense to embrace some cardiovascular exercises that focus on boosting the metabolism and really burning away calories.

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