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Taking the time to learn about a diet or weight loss program is crucial before you choose to get involved with it. After all, different programs, products, diet plans, and fitness regimens work effectively for different people. We created this review to help you better understand Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution, which is one approach to weight loss and getting fit. There is an official website for this program, and dieters can get involved online, as well as in person with a Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution specialist. According to the founder of this program, it is a “life success center.”

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Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution is a weight loss and overall health program that caters differently to each individual. This is why there is no set price posted on the official website for this program. It apparently varies from person to person, depending on what is needed. Since this approach to “life success” is handled in person, you must start be finding a location or Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution center in your area. This can be done via the main website. Other helpful links on the official website are Member Testimonials, Life Success Tips, an FAQ section, and Weight Management Tips.

To break Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution down, this program essentially assists you with metabolism retraining, a healthy foods education, life success/motivation advice, and what you can eat. Apparently you can still eat many of the foods you love, while on this program. According to the primary website, users are guaranteed to drop 2-7 pounds per week. The three core components of Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution are Weight Loss, Movement, and Life Success/Motivation. Like some other modern weight loss programs, this one emphasizes why traditional diets do not work.

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  • There are a number of Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution centers across the US and Canada.
  • This weight loss program does incorporate exercise.
  • There are customer testimonials posted on the main website.


  • There may not be a Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution center in your area.
  • This program requires you to weigh in two or three times every week.
  • There is no official price posted on the website.
  • You will likely have to purchase supplements from this company for the program, which may be expensive.


All in all, Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution appears to be like many new-age weight loss programs at your disposal. While this type of center can likely assist some women and men with weight reduction, it would be very helpful to know how much it actually costs. After all, this is a major factor for many people. Also, there clearly has to be a center in your area in order for you to get involved with Thin & Healthy’s Total Solution.

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