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Thin Over 40 is an instructional guide book to getting back the body that you once had. Dr. Jantz has been practicing medicine for over 20 years and has now published a helpful guide to fully understanding how your body works at middle age and how to properly lose weight.

The book features a detailed dieting plan and exercise routine. Dr. Jantz has designed easy to follow eating plans that help you stay focused and lose weight at the same time. He claims that his eating guide is one of the tastiest on the market as well as one of the most effective.

Thin Over 40 spends a great deal of time discussing how your body works at middle age. Dr. Jantz feels that if you can understand how your body works and operates, it is easy to bring about changes.

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Thin Over 40 takes a look into how the body responds to changes. Dr. Jantz argues that many diet plans and exercise routines fail because people do not fully understand their body and are engaging in practices that their body is simply going to resist. By understanding how your body responds, he argues that you will be able to see better and faster results than ever before.

Thin Over 40 provides a detailed instructional guide to working out and dieting. The book includes a full day-to-day diet plan. The manufactures claim that their meals are both tasty and healthy, making it easy for anyone to stick with. Dr. Jantz also includes a workout plan that targets those over 40.

Thin Over 40 seeks to educate people on improving overall body health. By sleeping better, improving eating habits, hydrating, and being aware of hormonal levels, Thin Over 40 seeks to improve overall body health.

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  • Thin Over 40 includes a detailed dieting and exercise plan. With day-to-day instruction on what to do, Dr. Jantz has made it easy to follow.
  • Dr. Jantz has over 20 years of medical knowledge.
  • The book seeks to educate people on how their body works, so that they seek ways in which to incorporate diets and exercise that is right for their body.


  • The manufacturers of Thin Over 40 are not very clear about the specific dieting plan found in the book.
  • Thin Over 40 has gone through no type of clinical certification.
  • There are virtually no reviews about the book.
  • Thin Over 40 is relatively expensive.


Thin Over 40 seeks to educate people on how their body works as well as provide a detailed dieting and exercise routing. The manufactures of the product guarantee that you will see results.

While the book may be of some help, the ideas found in Thin Over 40 are from one man, they have had no clinical backing nor has his diet gone through FDA certification.

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