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Thin4life seeks to deal with the emotional causes of overeating and to help people overcome bad habits through behavior changes. The program does not address specific weight loss strategies such as eating fewer calories, taking supplements or choosing an exercise program. Rather, the goal is to change behavior by identifying the triggers that cause overeating leading to weight gain and learning to respond differently to those triggers in order to facilitate weight loss.

Based in the U.K., Thin4life is part of a larger program called Equipped4life which seeks to deal with a variety of destructive lifestyle habits such as gambling, smoking, overeating, or being controlled by a phobia. The website is vague as to how the program proposes to overcome these habits and what techniques dieters can expect to learn.

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Little information is available as to the specifics of the program. The company appears to promote positive thinking therapy as a means of dealing with negative feelings that result in unhealthy behaviors. By encouraging positive thinking about oneself, the program attempts to negate emotional causes for eating and weight gain. The philosophy seems to be that if a person deals with the emotional issues in the mind, overeating will cease to be a problem. The website claims that Thin4life produces a higher success rate than traditional diets and that participants won’t feel like they are dieting.

People interested in the program must call the company for a consultation since specific information cannot be obtained from the website. There is no charge for the initial consultation, but joining the program will cost between

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