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Do you know someone who has lost weight using simple life changes? Maybe you know 10 or 20 people who have reduced caloric intake and exercised their way to a new body. We all know someone who can claim they succeeded at weight loss and offers a book compiled of just those stories.

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Weight loss book full of weight loss plans from everyday people.

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Anyone who has tried to shed those extra pounds has a friend or family member with tons of weight loss ideas. has taken these ideas offered by people who have lost weight and gathered them together into a free 192-page book. The book does not claim to offer medical advice or promise the reader they will lose a certain amount of weight. That is where the positive support for stops.

Thin Choice is the title of the book. There is no price associated with the book, but dieters are expected to pay shipping and handling for the book. Free, however, is not completely true. Once name, address, email and phone number is entered, the dieter is taken through several questions clearly linked to advertisers. Health insurance, sleep apnea, diabetes supplies, personal trainer and nutritional coaching are all offered. The personal trainer is an interesting offer because the website description for the book says dieters can “avoid expensive trainers.” Pictures of book pages show dog walking and eating oatmeal, which could mean weight loss solutions that are not new.

The shipping and handling cost for the Thin Choice book is $6.95. Dieters also have the option to add a recipe book for $9.95. The customer service link claims a return authorization number is required to ship the book back. We cannot figure out why a dieter would ship back a free book.

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  • Real, weight loss stories.


  • Weight loss diets are suggested by dieters, not professionals.
  • Dieters are upsold products before being allowed to order the free book.
  • The customer service department must be contacted before dieters can return the free book.
  • Weight loss solutions may not offer any new information.


For $6.95 a dieter can order a free book compiled of other people’s success stories. There are a multitude of free diet plans online and free recipes to back up that plan. Reading a book is not the best way to lose weight. is also a site that upsells other products to dieters, which could be viewed as a deceptive business practice. There are no guarantees that a weight loss book written by a nutritionist will increase weight loss let alone one written by everyday people who have found the best diet for them. Everyone is unique and the same can be said for weight loss solutions that work.

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