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These days there are all sorts of online methods programs for weight loss. In fact, ever since the World Wide Web emerged, more and more diet programs and interactive weight loss forums seem to continue popping up. This type of weight loss approach allows many women and men to get started with weight reduction and getting fit from the comfort of their own homes. Naturally this is something many people appreciate. Well, there is one online approach called Thinjoy. You can easily view the official website for this program, and take a peek at the interactive features it provides.

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Product Features

Thinjoy is basically an interactive food and exercise journal that anyone can access online. Therefore this website functions more like a resource for dieters. You can punch in all of the foods you consume daily, as well as the time you spend exercising. This way you can literally keep track of everything you do to lose weight. Although you may not know it, this method has been proven to assist some people with real weight loss. By simply keeping track of everything, you are less likely to eat foods you should not, or forget to exercise. Punching this data into the Thinjoy program is easier than trying to keep track of everything on paper. Like many other weight loss programs, Thinjoy offers dieters a free three-day trial.

The Thinjoy website was started by three brothers with a passion for weight loss and being healthy. Other than logging in your exercises and foods, you can additionally create a food plan that suits your individual needs. This not only helps you lose weight, but it can also help improve your overall health. Thinjoy is claimed to cater to each individual, and be as convenient as possible (you only need access to your home computer). The cost of Thinjoy is $15 for the first three months.

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  • You can easily use Thinjoy from home, since you only need your computer.
  • There is a free three-day trial offer.
  • You can customize your eating plan in order to aid with weight loss.


  • There is no mention of a fitness program with Thinjoy.
  • No simple weight loss supplements are incorporated with this program.
  • Some dieters may not like entering data online everyday.
  • There are numerous weight loss programs just like this one.


First of all, it is important to realize that online programs like Thinjoy are very common at this point. While you can use them to keep track of your daily exercise and the foods you eat, they do require regular data entry on your computer. This is something that may get old quickly. Then again, this type of dieting tool may be helpful to some women and men. After all, it is available online, which is very convenient. Just keep in mind that there are many other weight loss options to consider.

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