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If you are trying to shed a few pounds or drop a significant amount of weight, you should waste no time in seeking out the right diet plan, weight loss program, or dietary supplement to aid you with weight loss. If you have not already noticed, there are plenty of experts out there that have some advice to offer you on weight reduction, eating healthy, exercising, and living a healthier lifestyle. Terrance Ballinger is one of these experts. In fact, he created a blog called Think and Be Thin. More specifically it is the Think and Be Thin Program.

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Think and Be Thin is basically an informational blog that was started by a “master hypnotist,” Terrance Ballinger. According to the blog, Ballinger is available to clubs, schools, fairs, and seminars across the country for giving lectures and advice. There are numerous blog posts on this weight loss program blog. These posts address anything from eating right, to losing weight, to cutting your risk of getting cancer, to exercising, to avoiding certain foods. There does not appear to be any specific supplements endorsed on the Think and Be Thin blog.

After reviewing the Think and Be Thin blog, it is clear that no new posts have been made since July of 2010. This may discourage some individuals from using the blog for weight loss. However, there is plenty of free advice provided on this blog. There are facts about specific foods, as well as cancer research statistics that pertain to diet and exercise. As for foods, it is encouraged to consume more fish, vegetables, whole grains, and fruits. Low-fat dairy products are encouraged over whole milk, butter, and standard cream. It is also encouraged to avoid foods with solid fats and additional sugar. Meats like poultry, beef, and pork are only okay in moderation, according to the Think and Be Thin blog.

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  • This blog offers a lot of advice on staying healthy.
  • The blog is free to read.
  • Both eating healthy and exercising regularly are encouraged.


  • This blog is basically just advice on staying thing, and not a specific program.
  • There are no helpful supplements involved to aid with weight loss.
  • A specific fitness regimen is not addressed on the Think and Be Thin blog.
  • Some dieters may prefer a cut and dry weight loss program.


If you take a peek at the Think and Be Thin blog, you will quickly realize that this is an informative blog that aims to assist people with weight loss, reducing the risk of cancer, staying active, and adopting healthy living habits. However, this blog does not provide a specific diet or weight loss program. So, if you are interested in a supplement formula or fitness program to aid you with weight loss, you should look elsewhere.

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