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Think and Lose Hypnosis claims the power over eating and weight loss is all in how you the mind works. Hypnosis has been touted as the alternative solution to many vices including smoking, overeating and addiction, but hypnosis is not a proven solution with clinical trials to back up all the outrageous claims. The Think and Lose Hypnosis plan offers a guarantee that if you do not gain control over eating and lose more weight, you do not pay for the program. That is quite a guarantee.

List of Ingredients

Online website membership and hypnosis CDs.

Product Features

Dieters can try the Think and Lose Hypnosis plan for 30 days without being charged for the plan. During these 30 days, the buyer can use the included tools and CDs to try to control eating habits to lose weight. If the program is not effective, the products can be returned and the dieter does not have to pay for the program.

According to the program description, it only take a few minutes every day spent relaxing with the hypnosis CDs playing to control cravings and limit eating to the point that weight loss occurs. The program includes personal coaching, instruction and bonus CDs on energy, productivity and spirit. Testimonials are available on the website from users who have tried the program and effectively lost weight. These include before and after photos.

Due to the fact that hypnosis is a very personal experience and one that requires faith in the process for it to work, there is no way these results can be tested in a clinical setting – or at least there are no clinical trials listed on the official Think and Lose Hypnosis website. The free trial, however, may be enough for dieters to try out the CD-based program for the 30 days offered.

The Think and Lose Hypnosis program retails for $39.95 plus $12.95 shipping and handling if the dieter chooses to keep the program. If not, they will need to call the customer service number listed on their package for further instructions on how to return and receive no charge on the credit card supplied. In addition to the CD program, there is a Thin and Slim Energizer supplement available to dieters. The supplement is not explained in detail on the website, but it is offered on an auto-ship program.

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  • Free trial available for the Think and Lose Hypnosis plan.
  • No charges are made to the credit card until 30 days after receipt.


  • A supplement is offered so results could be linked to the supplement not the hypnosis.
  • Hypnosis will not work for every dieter.


Think and Lose Hypnosis could be a viable option for some dieters. The fact that they manufacturer offers a supplement with the program could mean any supplement – a proven one – could be used in conjunction with the hypnosis techniques to increase weight loss.

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