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Think & Shrink is a hypnosis program that claims to reprogram your brain so that you will want to eat less and exercise more. This program supposedly changes your thinking so that you will behave differently, eating healthier food and increasing your physical activity. The hypnosis program is supposed to be very relaxing; in fact, according to the promotions, you will not even realize you are losing weight.

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Product Features

This 20 minute program can be purchased for $39.95. You can download it to your ipod and listen to it in your home or at work. With the payment of $39.95, you will receive one full-length hypnotherapy session and one short session, as well as a motivating visualization and two bonus reports. The package also comes with detailed directions on how to use Think & Shrink. The program employs hypnotherapy, a technique which usually employs therapeutic relaxation and aims to change an individual’s thought s or behavior.

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  • A benefit of this program is that the downloadable hypnotherapy sessions are much less expensive than normal hypnotherapy sessions with a therapist. However, the benefits of this program are unknown, since no customer reviews are available.
  • Another advantage of Think & Shrink emphasized by the marketers is the fact that no willpower is needed. According to the home website, users of this hypnosis program do not need any determination to lose weight.


  • One disadvantage of this program is that customers cannot be sure that it will perform according to their expectations. The home webpage does not include any reviews from satisfied customers, although it does include before and after pictures from a supposed user.
  • The use of hypnotherapy may cause concern for some customers. Studies have been done showing that hypnotherapy techniques can help in relaxation. However, no official studies have been performed that prove the claims of the Think & Shrink program.
  • Also, because this program claims to work without developing any self-discipline in the user, any weight that is lost while using the program will probably be gained back again as soon as the customer stops the hypnotherapy sessions.


While this unique weight loss technique may have some results, the weight loss benefits of hypnotherapy are doubtful. Since no customer reviews on Think & Shrink are available, you may want to be cautious and do more research before purchasing this product. Although it might be possible to lose weight with hypnotherapy, the safest and healthiest way to lose weight and keep it off is still to develop a healthy diet and exercise plan and determine to stick to it until you have the body you want.

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