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Think Thin, Be Thin: 101 Psychological Ways to Lose Weight by Doris Wild Helmering and Dianne Hales is a short book that offers suggestions for getting healthy that can be used with any kind of weight loss plan. It focuses on the psychology of eating, and draws from many different disciplines of psychology. It isn’t a diet plan, but a source of encouragement for those trying to lose weight.

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Think Thin, Be Thin delves into the mental and emotional sides of weight loss, and is said to encourage dieters in their efforts to lose weight. There are clinical discussions involving different psychological disciplines including meditation and cognitive-behavior theory. The book offers a few dieting tips such as keeping a food diary and exercising in groups, but it strongly discourages fad dieting. This book is meant to be a tool used by those who are searching for encouragement and inspiration while trying to be healthy while dieting.

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  • Health and fitness are strongly emphasized throughout Think Thin, Be Thin.
  • By focusing on changing the way the reader thinks about food, it helps the reader to break bad eating habits which often sabotage dieting efforts.
  • Think Thin, Be Thin can be used in conjunction with and compliments many different diet plans and exercise routines.


  • Think Thin, Be Thin is clearly geared towards women, so men probably won’t benefit as much from its ideas.
  • The book introduces a large number of different mental techniques, but then fails to elaborate on the specifics of any of them.
  • No table of contents is included, so it is difficult to find specific topics without reading through the entire book.


Think Thin, Be Thin: 101 Psychological Ways to Lose Weight introduces the reader to many of the psychological aspects of eating, weight gain and weight loss. It is a quick and easy read for those who need encouragement and a positive mindset while trying to lose weight. The book tries to help the reader understand the psychology behind their own relationship with food, and what the mental motivations of eating are. The book does not go into a great deal of detail about any of the ideas that are mentioned, but is instead a quick list of the many techniques that are available. When the reader’s dieting willpower is fading, this book can be referred to in an attempt to stay on track. Think Thin, Be Thin strongly discourages fad dieting, and is written to encourage healthy eating and exercise habits. This book can be purchased online from, and is also available in an e-book.

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